FOREVER KNIGHTS: #14 Broken Birds

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Hunger For Everything

“Shall I read what you’ve written?” She quirked a brow.

She’s teasing me?

The fire from the Dining Room grew brighter. Yellows and oranges becoming vivid. Candles on the walls bordering the foyer, which had been barren black wicks, now sparked to life.

She needs to know that she can’t play with me. It’s not safe.

“Are you doing that?” She gasped. Tilting her head questioningly.

I am a danger to her. She should fear me. He realized sadly.

“Yes, it’s me.” His facial expression was flat. “Are you afraid now?”

“No.” Her gaze skid calmly from the Dining Room behind him back to his shadowed face. “I think like a wounded animal, you attack when you don’t understand.”

Is that what I’m doing?

“You’re likely right.” He admitted. “You taunt me by putting a chair between us?” He gestured to it.

“To keep you at bay.”

From what?

Sifting through the pages she found the most recent and opened her mouth to read aloud.

She’s challenging me. He was unsure if this was playful or if she was testing his control to find out how awful he was.

It’s time I show her just how terrifying I can be. He leapt into the air and landed with one boot on the edge of the seat and the other on the high back. Tipping the chair onto two legs as he balanced. Making it hover in the air in that awkward position. Though he made it look effortless.

Eyes huge, she took a step back as the chair leaned toward her. Shock was written over her. “How are you doing that?”

“Balance. The key to warfare.” Lowering to his center, he jumped.

The chair clattered to the floor.

Chavias was a blur of motion.

Clothes shredded and fell off him as his body contorted, replaced by thick red brown hair. When Chavias landed it was on four massive paws. Blue-gray eyes feral yellow. He shook his back. Ruffling the fur down his spine.

“What? How-” She shivered as he paced before her.

Good. She should be afraid. His head whipped to watch her as she drew a slow foot backward.

One large paw lifted as he unhurriedly stepped toward her.

The volume slipped from her fingertips.

Frost crystallized every surface of the room. And along the hair on his back. Crackling over every surface and making the metal wall sconces creak and old wood groan in complaint.

She’s doing it. He loped at her.

She threw arms over her face and shrieked. Beneath one elbow she watched his approach. Tensing for the attack, she slammed her eyes shut.

He jumped high enough to snap jaws around her face. But didn’t.

She didn’t move again until sensing motion to the side of her and peered into her peripheral. Catching view of long masculine fingertips slipping from under the front of her skirts. Emerging from behind her, to catch the book inches from the floor. He retracted it between her ankles. Disappearing under her skirt.

When she turned, he was standing behind her, volume in hand. He lifted it and shook it toward her meaningfully. Tapping the cover with his pinky. Got it.

She sputtered. Shaking her head. “You-you-but you just-”

Was a wolf…I know.

“Breathe Sabine.” He whispered near her ear. Making fine hairs on her neck dance.

She shivered. Arms dropping to her sides as she accused. “You’re trying to scare me!”

That long-fingered hand cupped her chin to angle her face towards a high window on the second floor. Revealing the night sky outside.

His whisper caressed along her cheek. “You shouldn’t tease a wolf on a full moon night. That,” He released her chin to point at the window. “Makes me hunger for everything.”

She swallowed convulsively. Squeaking out. “I was merely jesting!”

His laughter was soft as he tossed his arms open to her. Thankfully wearing pants and a belt, though his scarred, bare chest was exposed to the moonlight. “As am I!”

“You scared me nearly from my wits apurpose!” Wrath was written over her face.

She didn’t find it funny. But I didn’t really intend for it to be.

She should stay away from me. Not try to seduce me!

“Indeed.” He admitted. Tucking his journal in his waistband. “What’s mine is mine.”

She merely blinked at him.

“Aside from that.” He tilted his head grudgingly before muttering. “You made me blush.”

Her face melted into a vibrant smile. “Ah, therein lies your bitterness!”

He was relieved to see her smile. Despite himself. Staring at her in awe before collecting himself.

“Mayhap.” He snorted. “What a precocious little temptress you are!”

She raised her eyes and met his troubled look. “What are you afraid of, Chavias?”

How can she ask me that, knowing I’d know not how to answer?

The room was silent as they stared at each other.

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