FOREVER KNIGHTS: #14 Broken Birds

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A Door to Reach Her

“That’s her?” Rodger looked from her back to Raese and back again before slumping on the railing and sliding down to the steps. “I’m not sure I’m tracking all this. I thought you said she was gone?”

I thought she was. I’ve no idea what this is.

Calisto wore a large hat. Peering up at him from violet eyes under the wide brim. “Hello, Merlin.”

“Hello, Calis.” He took the stairs two at a time. Nearly flying down them. Taking in the sight of her in her lush lavender dress. Cinched with a black belt on her waist. Dark waving locks fell over her shoulders.

Striking beyond compare.

He caught her gloved hand. Pinching the middle fingers to slide it from her hand. Touching her smooth palm with his fingertips.

“You’re real.” He breathed.

Rodger nodded toward the gardener. Dismissing him.

“For only a short time. I’m already weakening again. But I come bearing the key to my release.”

“Give it to me.” Raese was so enthralled with the familiarity of her face, he couldn’t look away.

“Not here.”


She nodded toward the stairs.

“Rodger?” Raese said without averting his attention from her.


“Time to go, My Friend.”

“Understandable.” Rodger put a fist over his mouth to clear his throat as he politely excused himself and swerved around Raese and squeezed past Calisto to head to his carriage.

“If we go up there, Calis…I make no promises to behave as a gentleman.”

“Did I ask you too?”

“Fortunately, you did not.” He stepped aside and gestured for her to enter.

The door closing behind her with clicking finality.

She was nearly running up the stairs with him hot on her tail. She paused at the top of the stairs and he caught her elbow and quickly guided her to his chamber. Throwing open the door and to pull her in. Closing it and rolling her along the wall to crush her mouth.

She caught the back of his head and returned it in force. Moaning into his mouth.

Their joined mouths were nearly brutal.

“I need you.” He whispered between pants as he adjusted his mouth.

“I need you!” She returned. Her mouth stolen again. But when he broke once more, she cried out. “Merlin, we haven’t much time. I need you to take it. Soon I’ll be too weak to be here.”

“Right now?”


“Dammit!” He unleashed a string of epithets. Stepping back to give her enough room to dig through the lavender bag on her arm. “How are you here?”

“My fried somehow has the ability to reach through to my plane and pull me back for short flares of time.”

“Can they help us.”

“She already has.” Calisto retrieved the orb and lifted it cautiously from her bag. “Do you remember the name, Sebastian Bodane?”

He nodded. Mouth going dry from just looking at her.

“This,” she shook it lightly before him. “is one of his. It’s a conduit that can transcend time if in the hands of someone powerful enough to unleash it. But its only as strong as you are.”

He slid the bag from her arm, putting the globe back inside it and setting it carefully aside on his floor furs. “I have it. I’ll figure it out.”

She blew a long breath. Fear floating in her eyes.

“Now come here, Woman.” He wrapped her tight in his arms.

Their lips joined in the heated passion they hadn’t felt for endless years. He was ripping clothes off her and she was roughly yanking his off in return.

He swept her up and carried her to his large bed. Yanking the coverlet back to drop her onto it. His hands memorialized every inch of her flesh. And ask the moment came when he could finally join with her his anticipation had mounted to the point of being painful. But as he moved to do just that, she dissipated before his eyes. Fading into a mere silhouette and then vanishing entirely into a splash of light brightening the room before dousing it in midnight darkness.

“No!” He roared in frustration. Punching a fist to the bedding.

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