FOREVER KNIGHTS: #14 Broken Birds

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Blue Lark Guild, Dread Hideout


Savage had, thankfully, returned to the Blue Lark. He’d greeted Dimurah in Winter Haven. Welcomed by her usual feigned disdain.

But she knows I’m here. And she’ll be at my tent tonight.

And with the midnight hour he heard the whisper of his tent’s flap.

“Hello, Murah.”

“Good evening, Jax.” There was the rustle of clothing as she disrobed next to the bed.

He didn’t move. “Why do you come here, Murah?”

Pure curiosity.

“So you don’t come to my hut.”

He clucked into his cheek and rolled onto his back. “Do you really only come here so I won’t interfere in your residence.”

She groaned aloud.

No. Good.

“No.” She admitted. “I’m here because I want to. I know even when you come to my hut. If I tell you no, you’ll go.”

She’s right.

“That’s comforting.”

“I know you, Jax.” She reassured.

Yes, you do.

“How was your night?” He queried.

Couldn’t have been too bad. I smelled no blood or Cimmerii. Nor did I hear any unusual ruckus. And he’d been listening.

“Not bad.” She slid her undergarments down her milky white legs. And crawled under his coverlet next to him.

“How was the last fortnight?”

“You know well it was fine. I had a minor argument.”

“And?” He leaned up to look at her.

How’d that go?

“Your bodyguard handled it.” He explained.

Phalanx. Of course he did. Savage relaxed.

“And the bartering?”

“Shut up, Jax.” She slid atop him. Palms and breasts pressed to his chest. Her legs outside his. Her mouth brushing along one side of his jaw before moving on to the other as she trailed sensual little kisses along it. “Make love to me.”

Absolutely! He lurched up and caught her in a vise grip. His mouth consuming hers as his tongue engaged in the wild dance with her. He caressed his fingertips down her back and arms. Lovingly caressing every inch of her.



“Murah…” He murmured. Not ceasing his busy hands and worshipping lips.

“One day, will you be wholly mine?”

I am.

“I’m already yours. But one day I’ll be done with this long chessgame, so I can focus on meeting your desires.”

Politics will someday soon become drastically less important to me.

And I’ll give you everything. Tell you anything.

Just wait for me…

“That’s what I was asking.” She sighed in relief.

“I know.”

“Savage Jack!”

Savage lurched to a sitting position, dislodging Dimurah who grumbled sleepily in objection.

It’s one of my Gate Guards.

“What?” He shouted back.

“There’s a woman at the gate.”

He’s mistaken.

“What woman?”

“She’s refusing to say anything more than that she will speak to the King of Assassins and no other.”

What woman do I know that’d be so bold?

Traitorous wench wouldn’t have dared to return. His gaze narrowed as he racked his brain. He stood to pull on his breeches and tug a red tunic over his head.

“Where are you going, Jax?” Murah muttered. Her cheek scrunched against the bedding as she lay on her stomach. Not bothering to squeak her eyes opened.

She’s highly concerned.

“To see who’s at the gate.”

In the middle of the night.

“Tell them to go away.” She muttered.

I will.

“As is my intention, My Sweet.”

“Good. Quickly. I’m cold.”

And my body heat is running far too high. And I’m just as eager to get back to you.

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