FOREVER KNIGHTS: #14 Broken Birds

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Bird In My Guild

His clunking boots were barely fastened as he crossed the courtyard to the gate. Hair wound with the wooden Kill Beads which clicked together as he moved in his dissension. Getting angrier with each step. Who’s stupid enough to demand my presence at the gate in the middle of the night?

He lined up with the gate and twirled a finger to indicate to the Gate Guard to lift the outer grate. Allowing the intruder in. He leaned forward. Ready to confront whoever it was with force if they were a threat to the Guild.

They won’t get in beyond this point. He dug in his feet and braced himself.

It rattled as the chain worked on the wench. Lifting the grate until only the inner barrier of metal spears pinching the entrance until only one being and one mount could enter at a time.

A figure crossed the wood planks beneath the first grate and walked between the spears. Silver-white hair billowing in a cloud around her shoulders as she moved. Tan breeches were tucked into high boots polished to a bright shine. And a tan hunting tunic was tucked into her waistband. Her face was triangular dominated by the huge blue eyes.

He took one step back in surprise. Brow knitting. “Queen of the Castle of Water?”

She shook her head fiercely in argument.

Didn’t like that.

“Elsabet.” She corrected.

“Elsabet it is.” He dismissed. “Why are you here?”

She wouldn’t be coming by for a visit.

She scanned the desolate courtyard with the efficiency of any alert predator. “Is RedBayne or the Nauvree here?”

The only two Forever Knights that visit my Guild. Why is she interested in that?

Did she escape or did he let her go?

Savage was highly curious. Out of character for me.

“They’re not. Afraid of them?” He questioned.

“Cautious.” She corrected.

She’s afraid. He recognized the quick flicking of her eyes.

She’s escaped. And she’s worried they’ll take her back or take word of her to him.

“I’ll ask again. Why are you here?”

She looked down her nose with the regal air of a queen. “Where’s Radix?”

“Na-uh.” He shifted and lifted a finger to twitch it in denial. “I don’t play.”


“Why are you looking for him?”

Hunting Radix is a poor choice.

“My daughter is dead. And those responsible will pay.”

Which is who?

“And who do you consider responsible?”

“My daughter was attacked by Radix’s mindless beasts and Sebastian’s magic prevented me from getting to her. From saving her.” Rage entered her voice. “I watched her die. Tell me where he is.”

You could get killed in there, trying to fight him.

And if you go after Sebastian all of the Forever Knights will turn on you, as painful as that may be… Savage considered it carefully.

“You sure you want to risk that?”

“Risk what?” She said hollowly. “What have I to lose?”

“Are you going to kill him or join him?”

“Depends on the situation when I get there.”

What situation? He frowned. She’s damn hard to understand.

He was beginning to sympathize with Sebastian Bodane. How does he keep up?

Continued in BOOK FIFTEEN.

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