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A day in the void

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Experience Willaim's day with him as he spends it in the void with the voice.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Another day

He rubbed his eyelids as he slowly woke up. “What did I expect?” He thought to himself as he saw the ceiling of his old, dull, lifeless room. He looked around, not like there was much to see. This view he saw every day, a small gray room with all kinds of bottles everywhere. A 32 inch TV, a gaming console, a fridge, a cabinet, and a small window with curtains. He got up and slowly made his way to the bathroom. Looking at the mirror, his own reflection looking back. He washed his own face. “That ugly face isn’t going anywhere,” he thought to himself as he dried his face. He went back to his old used bed. It looked like this mattress hasn’t been changed in years. He got back on it and laid down, looking at the ceiling. He heard a voice coming from the hallway. “Come here. Be with me.” He heard a voice woman from the hallway. He ignored it. “Why won’t you take up on my offer? I’m so lonely. Come with me.” The woman said seductively. He got up and grabbed one of the bottles, he threw it at the hallway with full force. Causing the woman’s voice in the hallway to screech with an inhuman sound. The voice faded away slowly. “When will this end?” He sighed. He walked up with the window and grabbed the curtains. “Please let it be a normal neighborhood. Please.” He opened curtains swiftly. He let out a sigh as he saw nothing but void outside. “Honestly what did I expect? I shouldn’t have my hopes up at this point.” He said as he closed the curtains. He grabbed the game controller as he turned on the console. It’s the same 32-bit game he has been playing for the last, what? How many years has It been already? He stopped counting after 5 years. His escape was this game. That’s why he kept playing, But he never won. It was like the game was designed to be impossible to beat. It’s about this little boy, having to deliver a message to the other side of this land. He started playing like usual. He got pretty good at the game. But he still had a hard time playing the game. He spent hours playing it. Losing over and over and over again. But he didn’t get frustrated. He’s used to it at this point. As he was in the middle of his session, the voice called him again. But it was a different voice. “Son? Son, please. Please come with us.” An elderly woman voice called him. “Join us. Please join us, William.” A young boy’s voice called him. “Yea, William. Set yourself free and join us. You don’t have to do this anymore.” A raspy voice called him. “How many times are you gonna do this? Using their voices wouldn’t work on me,” he said as he got up and grabbed another bottle, he threw it with all his strength at the voices. The voices made an inhuman screeching sound. “I should stop for today.” He said as he turned off the console. He opened his fridge, “Tomato soup? Ugh.” He opened his cabinet and grabbed from it a trash bag. He threw the tomato soup in there then threw it out the window into the void. He opened the fridge again and found a piece of steak. “This is more like it.” He said as he grabbed it. He sat down on his bed and started eating his dinner. He put his plate away as he finished eating. He put his head on the pillow. Ready to call it a day. He closes his eyes and thinks to himself. “If there is a god, please end this suffering while I’m asleep. Free me from this place and take my soul to a better place.” He prayed hoping someone will answer his prayers. But they never get answered. He drifted off to sleep.

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