The Rejected Warrior

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Being accepted

Ch 3

Alpha Stern pov

Saturday has come by quicker than I expected and here we are. I am standing in line with my Beta Canton and Gamma Darren, and my soon to be choice mate Brianna. Thursday I found a girl named Tricora working with Alpha Martin. She just so happened to be my actual mate. Her hair was in a small low bun, she was thin, and she was a human. No way! I rejected her faster than anything. I was not having a human Luna as my mate. We are standing here waiting in line checking into this mate convention event hoping for my men to find theirs and to officially claim Brianna. My guys thought I was stupid for rejecting the human, but it was my decision. I did not see her as Luna worthy no matter who she was.

We slowly move up in line to check in when I am tapped on the shoulder by Canton. He is pointing at the girl sitting at the table helping check people in with the tribal tattoos going down both her arms. She has her hair up in a ponytail showing her tribal tattoos along her hairline. We also see the telltale symbol branded in her arm. A C with a W and A overlapping each other inside the C. She is a warrior from the Blood Warrior Pack. Alpha Cannon is ruthless and strives for only the best warriors.

"Man to bad she isn't my mate. Human or not I wouldn't care! Only the toughest warriors get branded." Canton whispered.

We make our way up and when she looks up my face drains of color. It's that girl! She quickly gets up clearly pissed and walks off. I see her friend look after her shrugging when she asks for our name. When I give it I see the look on her face turn sour real quick. If she is friends with Tricora then there's no doubt she knows about me.

"I fucking told you dude. There was something different about her and you rejected her!" Darren yelled.

"You rejected your mate? Well you promised me I would be Luna anyways." Brianna chimed in.

"I know. I don't know what to think right now."

I watch her walk off when some wolf goes up to her grabbing her ass. In one swift move she grabbed his arm and had him thrown down pinned tapping out. She lets him up when he scurries off with his tail between his legs. She starts walking when a loud growl rings out through the whole event. That is the Alpha King, and everyone drops to the ground. Even the human dropped with her head down.

I see the Alpha King walk over to her growling "MINE!" He picks her up and she starts crying in front of him.

"Just reject me like my last mate did. it's clear I am not mate material because I am human." She pleaded with him.

"Little kitten why would I do that? You were made for me! Who rejected my little mate and made her sad?" King Traxton asked.

Shit! Please don't look at me, please don't look at me.

"Stern! You rejected her? For what reason?"

"Well she is human and I have a choice mate."

"Well isn't that something! You rejected Alpha Cannon's only daughter who has been trained as a Luna, trained as an Alpha, is a branded warrior and has gone to college for business. Isn't your pack struggling right now? The goddess matches us with our mate who will make us a better person, a better Alpha, a better pack, and you rejected her. Well luckily for me then. Kitten you are mine and you will be my mate."

"I realize I have made a mistake now. Tricora I am sorry for what I did on Thursday. Please let me have another chance?"

"What the hell Jack?" Brianna yelled at me. "You said I would be your Luna no matter what!"

"She is my true mate, and I made a huge mistake. Please I will take back the rejection!"

I drop down to my knees as I beg her to please reconsider. She gets down from the Alpha King's embrace and walks over to me. My wolf Kyro is shaking his head and I can't help but think he knows what is coming. She gets down so she is eye level with me and smiles.

"I will not reconsider you as a mate. You didn't even give me a second thought when you didn't even know me. You threw me aside like trash without blinking." She sneered at me. "Now that you know who I am. You think all you have to do is say I'm sorry and it will be fine. No! I will not come back to you! Go have your choice mate, since in your eyes I am not worthy."

I just watch as she stands up walking towards him. I see him smile down at her as he leans down inhaling her scent. The citrus and cinnamon that should be mine! She will be mine! When they run and the males take off I will find her and mark her as mine. I don't care if she is now the Alpha King's she was mine first!


Alpha King Traxton pov

When I heard her tell him off I couldn't be prouder to have her as my mate. Human or not, I didn't care. I have waited years to find my mate and figured it would never happen. I have been to every damn mate event and would always leave a little sadder that another year had come and gone and nothing. I would visit packs in between and still nothing.

I had wondered if I ever even had a mate. If I did where would I find her? What did she look like? Would I even recognize her. Then I smelled the most intoxicating scent. Citrus and cinnamon. Not a combo I would think of but now that I have smelt it I can't get enough. Then I saw her, and when she took that wolf down I just about lost my shit and so did my wolf Axel!

When she bowed down and I walked up to her seeing her tribal tattoos down her arms, the branding and her hairline my wolf Axel knew exactly who she was and puffed out his chest. To find out she had just been rejected a couple days prior by Stern and now he is trying to get her back. I know he will try something and i'll have to keep my eye on him. Axel says there is a wolf there inside but he can't communicate with her.

She walks over to me while I go and stand back in line so I can check in and get my room. For these events they rent out a local hotel and everyone who is coming gets a room. They have a head count so they know who is coming and how many rooms to get each year. I stand in line waiting when she just walks up sitting down and checks us in. I watch as the girl next to her smiles and winks while she stands back up walking over to me.

"Here is your key." She stated as she turns to walk away. I quickly grab her pulling her to me. I cannot let her out of my sight. I don't trust Alpha Stern and what he will try to do to get her back.

"Please stay with me, I just found you and want to know all about you!"

She smiled and looked over to her friend who waved her away. So she looked back at me nodding and we headed up to my room. When we enter the penthouse suite and the door closes I grab her picking her up inhaling her scent. Citrus and cinnamon is now my new drug. I walk over sitting on the couch as she straddles my lap and just hold her. I keep my face buried in her neck smelling her scent while she giggles running her fingers through my hair.

After a few minutes I just sit back and look at her. My goddess she is absolutely perfect. I just look at her and get hard thinking of everything I want to do to her. Her eyes are gorgeous and when I look in them I can see what looks like a wolf but it's trapped. We need to find out how to let her wolf out. I mind link my men and see if they might know. They suggest marking her but I have to wait till the run in a little while. I am seriously doubting if I will be able to wait that long.

I cannot let him get to her, so I will have my men who are mated watch for her. Except now thinking about it, it's not like she can shift and run like the others. So now what? I have my men check with the organizers of the event. I wait patiently to hear a response and can't help but laugh as she just watches me. Within minutes I am mind linked back that since she is human I can mark her now.

I get a huge smile on my face because I have a feeling this will be quite interesting.

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