PUER MORTIS (Child of Death)

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After many years of tears, blood and hardships, all Leilyn Xander wanted is to do bask in quietness and live in peace for the remaining years of her life. Too bad people and self-obsessed entities decided to have a say in it and fuck everything up. ×××××××××××××× Warning: this book is bloody and gory. The deaths are explicit and there will be discussions which some over religious people will view as blasphemy. Read at your own risk.

Fantasy / Scifi
Enma Eden
Age Rating:

Author' Note

Hey, minna san!🥺🥺 Enma here.

So, this is the updated version of my book. As you can see, the free chapters were divided into two more chapters. I added more words and the rest.

Once again, a warning before y'all read this book.


This book has triggering elements. If you can't handle blood, gore, death, LGBTQIA characters, people of color, and other stuffs, please turn back now. I am not going to to even pay a lick of attention to anyone who complains about these elements. Except it's constructive criticism, hun, I WILL ignore you. Or better yet, delete your comment.

As I'm only human, there will be some grammatical errors in here. I apologise if they make you cringe or shake your head in disappointment lol.

Well, that's that! For those who read this message and decided to read, thank's for giving my book a shot.

Enjoy folks!🤗🤗

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