The Little girl who found her real power.

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The way how a girl know's if she is good at studying or not and if she acctualy has powers?

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Chapter ONE- On my hunt to find my power

Once there was a little girl named Liv, she was 11 years old and she had a brother named lev. Every day, she and her brother would walk to school. As she was in school one day, her friends said, does she really have powers cause she always A+ for her test I really have magic powers so one night when she was sleeping she had a dream so she was in a land in a magical forest that has all the magical power’s so then it started, she was there going around and something told her that hi my name is Livy. I am your friend I will help you find your magic power till the end so let’s start with the adventure so first, they went through a beautiful land of flowers then they went past the pet’s she loved than her dream was starting to become so then she was like in her school but then she thought she was actually in her school. She heard her parents calling her name and she started to cry so then she said mom dad where are you. After a few minutes she was starting to feel hungry she saw her parents again saying that come darling we have food for you we know your hungry come on come here eat some, mommy daddy, should I go livy? No don’t those are monsters so if you go to them they will not let you go so then you won’t find your power she walked and walked and started to get tired then livy said you know you can fly what really said liv I want to try it so then she started flying then she was not tired anymore then they went to a place where all the ice powers were then the fire powers then the earth power then the water powers then she went past the studies powers maths then science English came the last social then she found out that is was all of them so in this dream she found out who she is and her friend asked her some question she answered them correctly then she also got all the test correctly and she was happy and her parents too.

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