The Little girl who found her real power.

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Chapter TWO- next week when she found her power

Ever since then, she was not afraid but one day she got bullied again but it was by her brother's friends they saw her walking on the streets and was about to kick her so she got mad and before they kicked her she pushed them and they went all the way to the car which was 30 min to walk so that was crazy she was like omg did I just do that I guess I also have super strength okay no need to be scared I don't have to tell anyone she said in her mind then her brother saw her then he asked her what was going on she said to her brother I don't know they were about to kick me but then I pushed them and they went all the way to that car why did they want to kick me please tell me what is going on well I have something to tell you but when we get home I will say her brother (lev). So when they reached home after school,
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