Ancient aliens and the other worlds

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What will happen when the three magical stones protecting Earth from dangerous aliens suddenly disappears ? What will happen when the aliens are awaken ? Will they conquer the earth ? Where are all the stones ? And What does the mysterious phrase written on the wall of the pyramid says ? A group of kids holds the answer to all of this questions...

Fantasy / Adventure
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The team

Hi readers!!

My name is Ansh and today I’m going to tell you guys about the biggest adventure I had. So, there were two more people with me during my adventure. But first, I will tell you about myself, so, I am a shy guy or you can say a kid because I’m only 14 years old! I’m very thin and short in height with silky black hairs, brown eyes, a pointed nose, and a thin face. And the most important thing about me is that I love pajamas because they are so comfy!!

And so, my partner is my friend from my childhood, her name is Luna. she is a thin and skinny girl with black hair, brown eyes and a big nose. she usually loves to wear dark clothes. But the unlucky thing is that she is longer in height than me and teases me for that.😒

And my second partner is a cute little fat penguin with dark blue eyes. He is a magical penguin who can talk and can survive anywhere !! I found him in a secret world, but that’s another story. I don’t know why but his name is bunny... But that doesn’t matter.🐰🐰

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