Mated To A Beast (COMPLETE)

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Bullied, tormented, emotional and physical hurt. All of those words described Crystal Ever since Crystal started kindergarten at the local school she was tormented, bullied, emotionally, and physically hurt. She had no friends and no family. She couldn't wait for the last day of senior year. That meant she didn't have to deal with her bullies anymore. In two weeks she would be gone from the hateful town forever. Ricky was not of this world. He and his family belong to an entirely different universe. One where they ate only animals. After turning eighteen two months ago Ricky sensed her. His mate. He was shocked to find out who it was. There was no way this was possible? He the school's bad boy had been the first to start the bullying against Crystal. How in the world could she be his mate? He knew that mates were sacred, therefore, there was no mistake. How would Crystal take the news that the person who has been a thorn in her side for years is her mate? Some violence, however, not graphic enough for just adults. This story is a work of pure fiction. The characters, plot, and anything else is made by me. All Rights Reserved @Crystal Fresneda 2021

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Crystal Fresneda
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Crystal Fresneda

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Mated To A Beast

By Crystal Fresneda

© All Rights Reserved 2021 Crystal Fresneda

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