The Queen and Her Knights

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Legend has it that once, there lived a great Queen, ruling over her formidable kingdom with her five strongest of knights. They were known throughout the land, for the fierce knights had their utmost loyalty sworn to their Queen, never once faltering. What happened when 300 years later, a girl found herself trapped inside a room with five strangers? Amazing cover by: @Katherine_stanlife

Fantasy / Humor
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Author's Rambling

Hi, thanks for giving this book a chance. Unfortunately, it won't be available for the time being. Many have been adding the book recently, so I plan to rewrite it, seeing as this is my old writing (which is a cringe disaster btw).

I apologise to those who have started the book or are reading it midway, or almost at the end before this sudden announcement come up. I'm the worst, I know.

To my old readers, I will retain the plot, and most of the setting and flow of the story will be the same. It's just my wordings and grammar that will be having a major makeover. But if this can be considered as good news, I do plan to write an extra chapter about the mismatched duo, you know who they are hehe.

Oh I should mention this from the start, but this is just a short story. A book with less than 10 chapters to be precise. So if you are looking for a longer read, this might not be the one.

That's all from me. Thank you if you have read my rambling to this point. Have a nice day!

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