A Verdant Life in Another World Vol.1: "The Abundance of Farming"

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What do people do when they realized that they end up in another world? Me? It's complicated... I spaced out, I was impressed, I thought I was being stupid, I was frustrated, I trembled, I choked, I felt cold, then it was a roller coaster of emotion after that until I found my self still sane in another world

Fantasy / Adventure
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Prologue + Chapter 1

Prologue: B

<I’m going to be late!!>

I shouted in my mind as I tried to walk very fast since running on the corridors of a good school is really rude. It’s kind of cliché but today is our turn to present our group report project.

I really wanted to punch the “yesterday night me” for waiting my crops to grow and be ready for harvest but that Rank S [Stardrop Berries] is really worth it. I also have to review our group report after defending my crops.

I manage to kill all the thieves that tried their hands on my crops and I harvested a good amount of that Rank S [Stardrop Berries]. I sold some over the internet and get some real profit just as expected of a [Legend] grade berry. I planted those seeds last month and after 45 days of waiting, the fruit of my patience and perseverance of having overnights just to get those seeds finally paid off.

If you’re wondering what am I blabbering about is? It is an online game called [FARM WARZ: THE PLANT APOCALYPSE] and it has millions many players all around the world.

It is a game where you have to farm and kill to save your world from the threat of Cursed Green. Trust me, they are worse than zombies. Also farming here is kind of nice, where you have to plant a seed, care for your plants, harvest your crops… that is…if you can protect your plants after its predators. They’re called the Cursed Green, the minions that will try to destroy your plants but you have to destroy them first as you take care and harvest your plants. There are other players who will try to steal your produce too but I’m protected by our guild. You also have to take an adventure to find seeds or some stuffs while journeying beyond that game world. There are tons of dungeons to grind and conquer, and there are many co-Farmers to play with.

I’m a solo Berry Farmer player and I’m just playing casually at first but I got into it… and there it is! The source of my occasional tardiness. Every other day tardiness.

<This is not good Tieme…> I said looking nervously at the time on my watch.

As I opened the door, praying that the professor is not in yet, I heard a very high frequency pitch that conceal every noise in the surroundings. Is the school PSA system broke? The last thing I saw was a man in a red jacket and he was in front of our classmates wearing a weird smirk… He looks funny though...

Then a beam of light poured upon me and I was beamed away from this world forever.

<This is really not good!!>


I know it’s not good when a beam of light suddenly pour on you like a spotlight and you feel as your body floats… it happened a lots in movies or books and I never thought it was real…

After being beamed up by that 100+ wats light, the first thing I saw when my eyes finally adjust from the blinding light is the blue sky reflected upon a very still water… There’s an infinite horizon of still water reflecting the boundless clear blue skies that looks overwhelmingly breath-taking. I can see myself reflected from the still water like a mirror but someone moved backwards so abruptly that they covered my reflection. How rude…

Then when I’m finally done spacing out, I found myself standing with many people of different sorts of age and nationalities and they all have something in common. I know the planet where we came from is we all have something in common but it’s a given.

Anyways, all of their expressions were full of shock and surprise that it soon came to pass that some other have already fear painted on their face. I guess if I didn’t spaced-out and wasn’t overtaken by the breath-taking scenery in this plane, I will be joining the bandwagon. I don’t want to be regarded as ‘rude’ from the grieving people around me, so I quickly reset my expression that looked slightly amazed to see a good picturesque view. I can be so antagonizing sometimes, like once in a blue moon.

I think most of us were already aware the fact that we are not Earth anymore and I can confirm that all of them were also beamed up. I mean if one will look at the surrounding, it’s very obvious. That beam-up thing effect is quite effective exit if I do say so myself, but now is not the time to be to be impressed with special effects.

From a single groan, it reverbed and echoed until everyone is expressing their different kind of emotions which is relatable. I’m sort of starting to panic too because I still have some report to present and I don’t have the time to be in this some kind of weird space were people are walking on still-water.

Walking above water??? W-wait... what? Did I think that correctly?

I look below and the confirmed that I’m walking on top of still water. My eyes widen as I try to comprehend what is happening. It is clearly not the time to be breath-taken or space-out.

I scratch my head in frustration when somebody clearly said “Am I dead?”.

Silence… everyone was silent when they heard that line. And when that line escaped my lips, it felt like a waved of winter sea crashed into me leaving me knocked up on the ground feeling cold and salty. It’s an unpleasant feeling and I can feel myself that cold wave as my fingertips trembled.

<Am I dead over there too?> I questioned myself since I know I was only beamed up by some random lights. I feel colder as seconds passed by until I realized that maybe I am… I died over there… but how?

I closed my eyes trying to do think… but my thoughts are all muddle, I just feel cold…

Cries, yells, groans soon echoed after that cold silence and the people beside me started to tear up and cry, saying this was all a dream, but when reality soon struck them they cry harder thinking about the people they left behind. As my I tried to rub my hands to feel warm, I gasped and kind of choked as I also started tearing up. I’m kind of sensitive to other people’s feelings but when I realized what I’ve left behind, I felt a colder wave crash into me. I’m not that afraid of death but I’m not also prepared for it. I’m getting worried sick of my family that I just took breakfast with earlier.

As things turned more dramatic and chaotic, I tried to think hard about my parents and sibling and I think hard to engrave each of their faces and expressions in my memories. I feel my tears, running down on my face feeling a deep sadness. Despair, maybe?

Surprisingly mass hysteria is not happening yet but all of us were feeling despair in its purest. Yeah, just pure and raw despair and I don’t love this.

To distract myself from despair and agony, I checked myself and touched my face all over, and I think there’s nothing changed except my uniform that turned into a simple dirty white tunic and a simple pants. I also felt my feet directly on the normal boots that I’m now wearing no socks at all. I tried to speak, I heard my voice and it was kind of weird to check upon it.

After the desperate attempt to distract myself from this mass despair I’m in, which I did a very good job, but it didn’t last long. Hot tears streamed down again on my face as I conformed on the people around me longing for our own family.

As I accept that I actually lost my life, my family, and also my online life which I spent my whole adolescent until a while ago, I was kind of irritated. I love my family and I also love my game and now I’m kind of really irritated since I also did lose my online farm game, my Berry Farmer character that is on the way to the top 100 of the Berry Farmers worldwide, all the sleep I lost from playing that game, all goes to nothing.

All the real money I got from selling in-game items to other player is also gone in my online bank account. I started crying my heart out, out of frustration and irritation, trash talking all the online thieves that will finally steal my newly sown seeds [BlueBolt Berries], even though it’s one tier down below [Stardrop Berries], it’s still an Epic grade berries. I also cried harder thinking about my online friends that I’ve played for years. I deeply cried for my family and my online game character. Thankfully, I don’t have a good social life…

As I cried with other people, some people started to get angry as their cries and yells turned into angry screams but their anger was then turned to surprise again when we were then beamed up again by some bluish purplish light that has also the same wats of the light that that beamed me up earlier. It was kind of unbelievable that they love beaming up people.

When I opened my eyes, I saw tons of people gathered in the area that I can barely see that ground at all and the blue clear sky is not present anymore. The sky looks gloomy and full of thick clouds and there’s barely enough space for me and the people next to me that I’m starting to feel claustrophobic even though I don’t have one. Except for my family and few online friends, I guess I’m not that really much of a philanthropist that I’m ever so minimizing my contact to other people.

As people start again to do their things, I wiped my face trying to hide the sorrowful look on my face earlier. Then it’s started to get louder with everyone’s commotions but trumpet noises that began to swallow the whole grounds and 12 flags was raised with different crests all around us. It did take some time for me to count the number of flags since I can’t turn my neck 360 degrees and I was trying to figure out the trumpets’ tune but they soon stop playing. I didn’t even see the trumpets…

Soon, after the trumpets performance, an airplane-size magic circle appeared in the skies over us that made us make another surprised face and a huge voice resounded all over us coming from the magic circle. I know the mass surprise face is meme-able

“Greetings! Mixed race among different realms, welcome to our world Runea!” the voice tried to make the greeting livelier but it failed when roars of people overwhelmed the voice in magic circle. I can barely understand the next words they said after introducing their world Runea. I can also properly see other strange appearances and kind of strange body parts that human doesn’t usually have. I guess one thing that I will be grateful is for this world fixing my eyes that I was too scared or too lazy to have it operated. Even so, I’m still irritated…

<Yeah, what’s with the ‘Greetings!’> I said in my head and sneered, I wanted to act cool and not join the rally. Bandwagon…

In a louder volume the voice continued.

“We Deities, or the protector of this world Runea was tasked to summon beings all over the realms and to do our task we chose a good condition during the process.”

The crowd started to listen to the so-called-protectors-of-this-world. I’m kind of the obedient guy so I listened with great intent too.

“The prerequisite we choose when summoning other beings from another realm is that they are approaching their deaths or they have just died” The voice continued and it almost sounded convincing, the deity’s manly voice is cool and very noble. But do they really have to say that? I mean what’s the point of dumping more ice-cold water to our already cold body? I’m not even ‘that’ surprised anymore.

“We gave you a second chance to live and most of you have the gall to be aggressive, don’t worry this was just the preliminary stage” Another voice boomed and this time, it’s a woman’s voice and adult one and it’s kind of comforting even though she’s kind of sarcastic. Yeah, I like that angst.

“You can still go back but in just a second you will have your last breath, but let’s save that ‘going back thing’ for last” Another voice resounded and this time it was deeper and fierier than the first voice.

After that they discussed that they want us to live in their world Runea, that was located in the Mystical Realm and live our second life there in peace with magic and adventure. They also told us that the summon was an order from higher-up and they all agreed to take in nearly dying being to be summoned in this world because it was their wish to save lives as deities.

They told us about how we got our language, this world, the people, and also told us about how this summoning thing will finalize. They said that percentage of us will be summoned in this world as migrators that will retain full memories, some will be regressors that will turn back into babies that will not retain their memories but only skills, and some will be souls to be reincarnated as people in this world. They also told us that we will be given skills as we transcend into the world they protect and our bodies we are also given have power to use magic since magic is a thing that makes this world round.

At last, they gave us the last chance to face our deaths in our own worlds but nobody took the last chance. I was also reluctant to live in this world but I don’t think going back to Earth will make my family less sad but I will just make them hope and break their hearts the second time. The magic circle disappeared leaving new hope in our hearts and after that another beam up scene took place.

Unbelievable. I was just beamed up thrice in just a day.

I guess my death… and everyone’s else death’s is already done on our own world or is planned already on Earth… sad but I got to live on. I know my family would want me to live on too. It was definitely hard but people should move on. I lived a good life over there, now it’s time to live a good or even better life over here…

I live a very ordinary life with my loving parents, our farm, and my online games. Actually, it was very ordinary when we go back and live in New Jersey when I was 17. Our family have literally lived across the east and west. I was born in Korea, then we moved to different countries like were island hopping which is good and suck at the same time.

When I opened my eyes, I was suddenly filled with such intense dizziness. It felt weird as I feel a sharp pain on my head but it soon stopped, I guess it’s just my brained forced to learn and replace my old 5 main languages. I also tried to remember thing such as my recent memories which is still intact, and also checked the farthest memory that I can recall. I can still remember things and surprisingly more than that I wanted too, so I think our memories aren’t touched, changed, erased, added, substituted, recalibrated, toyed, jumbled or anything worse that people can do with memories.

The number of people around me a while ago dwindled a lot and I guess from hundreds of thousand or even millions there’s like 1,000+ people/beings in this grounds that was being encircled with army with different color of flags that is has low impact due to the deities using them first and majestic one to booth.

It’s kind of funny that we were all so shocked, angry, in-despair moments ago after the preliminary summoning but now we are like normal shocked but anticipating to live in this world, no rejection or whatsoever. And now I can properly see different types of beings around me and not just human because there’s enough space for me to observe around. I was busy with myself and thinking about my life back on Earth and engraving my family’s face in my mind so I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings.

A raised platform is placed in front of us like there’s a concert coming but we waited for their announcements.

“Welcome Summoned Ones, Welcome to the Dukedom of Rosetica” A man donned in some very nice garments said in a loud voice as if he was holding a mic and there are mega speakers in this venue but he is holding an orb than was glowing. I cringed with the greetings and I also rolled my eyes in reflex…

If people will ask me if I feel welcomed, I guess I am. That man sure is glowing, I meant his orb.

The man said that he is the Archduke Rosetica’s representative in welcoming the summoned ones (us) in the sacred summoning event that happened in the whole kingdom. He told us that an oracle was delivered to the king by the deities, telling him that he has to fulfil a summoning event for the land to flourish and for the blessing of the Creator to be bestowed in this world. The word was then spread across the land and every Dukedom, Earldom, and higher nobles to participate in this sacred event. After telling the tales of the past how their kingdom was formed, some information of this world, and so on.

I feel like I’m a gacha character from a game that nobles who have wealth to summon people will have the chance to luckily draw and they have 1000+ draw each. I guess I was drew by the Dukedom of Rosetica and they got a Rank D Farmer that came from East to West to Another World. How lucky…

He said that the last war happened 21 years back then and currently all of the kingdoms were adjusting to its newly found peace. They are trying to improve and develop their kingdoms in other departments that they neglected in the past such as trade industry, seafaring, building and construction, racial rights (which I’m shook the most), magic technology for more comfortable life, guild systems and more developments that has nothing to do with war.

I did try to organize the information about this world from the representative in my mind.

WORLD: Runea

SIZE: Approx. 3 times of Earth

SOURCE OF RADIANT ENERGY(SUN): Solyx, that is thrice brighter than Sun and I guess the distance is pretty far too since the representative didn’t give much info. Please kindly improve your Astronomy.

NUMBER OF MOONS: 3, but they are closed to one another.

NUMBER OF CONTINENTS: 5 Mega continents

LAND AND WATER RATIO: Land 4.5:5.5 Water hmmm nice?

LAND RESOURCES: Same as Earth I guess? But they have dungeons and stuffs…

ENERGY SOURCES: Magical energy from planet itself. The planet itself can produce and reproduce magical energy needed but the magic concentration in the air are being absorbed by dungeons or mage towers.

GOVERNMENT TYPE: Aristocracy or Monarchy, Democratic,

RATIO OF RACES: 6:3.5:0.5 Human: Beastkins: Other

LITERACY RATE: Most commoners can’t read but know their numbers and those are wealthy enough or trained in work can read.

NATALITY RATE: Average to below average? The representative did say that it’s hard for women to conceive.

FERTILITY RATE: Below average? The information provided is not enough. He said that there’s a men prime time or something… He just said that procreation uses magical energy that it’s too energy taxing.

NEW BORN MORTALITY RATE: Above average… I think but never hoped so.

MORTALITY RATE: Below average since one’s magic is connected to one’s soul that it prolongs a human’s life and slows down aging.

EPIDEMIC RATE: Average to above average depends on economic state of land.

POLLUTION RATE: Minimal because plastic don’t exist in here.

MAIN SOURCE OF FOOD: Farming, foraging, fishing and hunting.

My head hurts from overthinking so I stopped organizing my thoughts and think more about my family which made me a little sad.

The representative then finally told us that the Archduke will be giving us each 10 gold coins, as the Deities ordered, to cover our living expenses for a while then it’s up to us how to live our life in this world. Also, they used this moment to hire soldiers as well, inviting as well as bribing those who will sign up extra 40 gold coins for the total of 50 gold coins which is not bad. More than half of people in here, Migrators or Summoned Ones they call, signed up to become a soldier with a promise that they can rise their ranks into a knight or something or they can also quit after 3 years in the service.

I’m still longing for my life on Earth but I’m already here so might as well take a good leap faith and do my best here. I’m still young, but died on Earth though, and soon will start to live my second life here in Runea. The Dukedom of Rosetica is located in the northwestern part of the west continent and its territory is quite big I think since there are 15 families that were given land.

We wait for the representative to conclude trying hard to stake awake. After receiving my 10 gold coins, I leave with the other Summoned Ones that didn’t signed up as soldiers escorted by soldiers to the ‘Great’ City of Rozen. The soldiers with the crest of Rosetica Dukedom also serves as our tour guides and there’s a celebration ongoing in accordance to the summoning event that is happening across the kingdom.

The whole city is surrounded by tall sturdy stone walls and far north were higher and sturdier looking white walls are erected and surrounds some more lands. I guess that the land for the Archduke or some nobles. Towering buildings made of different materials like wood stones appeared as we pass the tall gates or portcullis it is called? Anyways, the building itself are high and have more than 6 stories but no more than 9 stories. It’s kind of impressive, the escort guard said that buildings are aligned with the four-big main road leading to the north, east, south and west gate. The escort also said that outside the south gate there’s the Rozen Forest, outside the east gate the ports, outside the west gate the farm lands and to the north gate the Temple. Beyond the temple is the Noble’s Land and it is surrounded by the higher sturdier walls. We walked halfway to the Central plaza and our escort guard said that he has some emergency and he have to go back. So, he bailed out on us telling that we should walk straight ahead.

When the tour is over. I checked my status window as I walk, since I basically can use magic now which is pretty amazing since back on Earth I can only use them when I’m the Berry farmer in the online game that I’m playing. You can use magic on Earth but only in a virtual world but now it’s real. An opaque box of light appeared in front of me. It looks like a status box from old school RPG games.

NAME: Tieme

RACE: Human

JOB: None

TITLE: Summoned One

AGE: 19


Health Points: 380 MP: 230

Vitality: 250 Vigor: 90

Physical Might: 80 Physical Resist: 70

Magical Might: 112 Magical Resist: 129

Speed: 100


Common Skill: [Appraisal Lvl. 1], [Inventory Lvl. 5Max], [Healing Magic Lvl.1], [Green Magic Lvl.1]

Special Skill: [Purification Lvl. 1], [Green Fingers Lv.l 1], [Security Lvl. Max]

Unique Skill: [Virtual Farm Lvl. 1], [Agriculturist Lvl. 1], [Biologist Lvl. 1], [Adept Botanist Lvl. 2]


I think my stats are not bad? Yeah, I have to feel optimistic about it or else it would bug the hell out me. I’m still a level 1, so I have to be contented with my preliminary stats.

According to the deities, the written number in our status box indicates our battle and survival capabilities. The health points refer to the amount of damage I can take before falling unconscious or dying; MP or magic point refers to the max amount of magic energy that my can store; Vitality reflects my body’s overall health condition and the higher the Vitality is, the higher the resistance to physical ailments and magical ailments but if it fell to zero then I will die; Vigor refers to my body’s max energy and stamina, the higher my Vigor is the harder my body to be exhausted; Physical Might refers to the max physical strength that my body can muster, gain or rise; Physical Resist refers to my body’s resistance to physical damage and pain; Magical Might refers to the max magical damage and/or the max efficiency that my magical skills can do; Magical Resist refers to my body’s overall resistance to magical damage or effects; and Speed refers to the max speed that my body can move.

About my skills… it’s pretty good to me at least… I feel great about this [Agriculturist],[Green Fingers], [Adept Botanist] and [Biologist] skills. Moreover, I have this [Virtual Farm] skill! I think this is the best, I can still play farm games even on this world Runea!

As I felt the creepy grin that I was making, I tried to compose myself and ignore the weird stare of people around me. I tried to recall few things about skills.

According to the Deities and the Dukedom representative, [Common Skill] are something you can learn, adapt, or develop and all the more it’s those skills that you can practically found everywhere in this world. [Special Skill] are rare skills given by Deities, High Spirits, Elder Beasts, and Special Artifacts, where it can be passed through generations of families. [Unique Skill] is not acquirable like [Common Skill], but it is a [Special Skill] unique to the owner ONLY and a skill coming from the special wish of one’s heart and soul (they called it anima in here) or it mirror’s one ability in their past life. It’s kind of confusing but they also said that [Unique Skills] can be also called an Extremely Special Skill since it’s unique to the individual who have it.

Even though I’m the only one who can see my status window and I guess there are skills that can let you take a peek on other’s status window, so I closed my status window using my will. The opaque window faded away and I walk around the city more. The escort guard told us that we are currently in the middle part of the city, the City of Rozen was divided into 4 parts, the lower part of the city where normal to poor commoners live, the middle part where most of the establishments stood and adventurers live, the upper part where those wealthy commoners and expensive establishments catered the needs of the wealthy, and the Noble’s Land/ Quarter surrounded by high and strong walls. The city itself is surrounded by walls too but not as high and tough like those of nobles. Well they are nobles, so I guess a commoner like me should shut all the traps in my mouth. It’s fine though and to be honest I don’t want any connections or even interaction with nobles. This world is plagued with hierarchy, ranking and power and I think it’s a great pain in the… neck, yeah neck. I guess I have to watch my trash-talking too while living in this world or else I’ll be doomed.

On the way here, many folks have tables aligned in front of their homes with drinks and foods as they welcomed us with delight in their facades. Some gave us some food and invited us to sit with them but I think I’m the only one who rejected their kind offers but I don’t really feel like eating. I’m still feeling down from the despair I felt some time ago. The dukedom representative talked for some long time, like two to three hours and I feel like half of what he has said is quite nonsense or just noble’s euphemisms.

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