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Corona virus theory and fantasy novel

Fantasy / Mystery
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Area 51 1996 Secret Research Institute
Main Office meeting area
"There is already a theory of garlic repelling 'vampires',so a couple months ago I asked myself,what can I do to make that theory a reality in regards to the overpopulation issue that has been going on in the Chinese and Japanese regions."Gary Fields said as he walked across the front of the meeting room.

"I then asked myself how do we actually use garlic to deal with an overpopulation issue?"An idea struck me like a bolt of lightning! What if we caused a contained outbreak!"

The members of the Special Research Alliances Committee (SRAC)sat up in their chairs now interested in Gary's presentation.

"This 'contained' outbreak will be meant to kill off the weak and old leaving room for the malenials to strive!" Around 65% of those regions eat garlic and around 35% eat garlic raw.
This 35% makes it more contained for when it is spread and or contracted."

"Yes, I know this may seem cruel to some thinking about the grandmothers and grandfathers some may lose,but think of it this way,don't you think that they will feel happy knowing that their children and grandchildren will lead happy and fruitful lives?

"There will be more jop vacancies,and less homeless people or personel without jobs!"So the next question that you may ask yourself is, how do we get this virus into garlic? We inject it!"

"And apart from that we can also use it against enemy countries leaving their forces lessened!Its a win win situation!"

A member of the committee raised their hand "what if the outbreak becomes uncontrollable?"Gary continued "Ah, I've already thought of that! While manufacturing the virus we manufacture the vaccine just in case that ever happens!"

Gary then said"You can have the rest of the information and the partially manufactured virus but .....for a price."

The members of the SRAC looked at each other and then motioned for Gary to exit the room.He took a bow grabbed his briefcase and papers and exited the room.They then conversed for around fifteen minutes before they summoned Gary back.

They all said in a determined voice "Sold! You can visit our management for a contract and the check,and remember you were never here."

I sat in Area 51's ventilation system with a voice recorder.My name is .......
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