Angel's Coming

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Eden Lowell is thrown into a life of romance, mystery and revenge on her eighteenth birthday. Even with her two mates, will she be able to survive the terrain of becoming a Luna?

Fantasy / Romance
Mel Marie
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Chapter 1

"Amber! I need you to find Eden, we were playing hide and seek before the rouges attacked!"

Amber turned to look at her mate, the Alpha to her Luna, and panicked. Her mate's shirt was torn and he was bleeding everywhere.

"I need to stay with you, our pack needs us to be strong. Please, Elijah, don't make me leave." Amber argued, rushing to his side.

"Please, Amber, Kayo and I can defend us, please find our daughter." Elijah pleaded, kissing his fiery Luna.

Amber nodded, seeing that arguing with him wouldn't result in anything. She ran off towards their house, knowing where Eden's favorite hiding spots were.

"Eden, where are you?" Amber hissed, creeping through their house, trying to keep her voice down so the rouges wouldn't hear her.

Amber went from room and room and finally heard her daughter when she was looking through her husbands office.


Amber heard the whisper, and turned to find her young daughter hiding behind Elijah's desk holding her stuffed fox.

"Mama, what's going on?" Eden asked, her eyes glossy with tears.

"Nothing baby, just a training exercise your father was running. So you know what happens when your father runs a training? Do you remember what your role is?" Amber asked, trying to hide her fear from her daughter.

"I'm supposed to go to the secret spot with Sunni, and not come out until you or Daddy come and get me." Eden answered, clutching her stuffed fox closer to her.

"Exactly, now Mama has to go help Daddy, so why don't you go hide okay?" Amber said, kissing her daughter's forehead.

"Okay!" Eden squeaked, rushing behind her father's bookshelf where a little nook that would hide her was located.

Seeing her daughter hide, Amber rushed out to find her husband and her Beta. Running outside, she was greeted with a sight she was sure to not forget. A huge rouge was leaping onto her husband and sliced his throat.

"Elijah!" Amber screamed, shifting into her wolf and lunging at the rouge.

Throwing the rouge off of her mate, the Luna growled at him as he tried to advance on her.

"Luna, let us handle him."

A large golden wolf snuck up next to her, and Amber recognized Kayo's wolf.

"Who's us?" Amber asked her Beta.

"Liam and I." Kayo responded, flicking his ear towards the Epsilon.

"Very well." Amber nodded, and as they advanced on the rouge, she turned to her mate.

Elijah was still breathing, but barely. His eyes were on his redheaded mate as she rushed to his side.

"Elijah, please, don't go. I need you. We need you, please, don't leave." Amber pleaded, holding her dying mate in her arms.

"I love you Amber, please, don't stop living for our daughter, please, be happy. Tell Eden I love her and I will be watching over her."

Elijah kissed his wife, his mate and his love one last time, and passed away in her arms.

"I love you Elijah, until we meet again." Amber responded, her voice cracking as she held him one last time.

"Luna, the rouges have gone, what would you like us to do?" Kayo asked, coming to stand behind Amber.

"Make sure they're gone, clear the territory, and send Rayna to my room, I need her now." Amber responded, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Kayo nodded, and went to look for his mate Rayna. Rayna and Amber had been best friends since high school, and they were involved in every part of each others life.

Amber walked away from Elijah's body once the pack Elder showed up to prepare him for his funeral. She turned to head into the pack house to fetch her daughter from her hiding spot.

"Eden? Are you there baby?" Amber asked, walking into the office.

"Why don't you go ahead and answer her, Eden." A low voice growled, stopping Amber in her tracks.

Amber was face to face with another large rouge, except this one was holding her daughter.

"Luna Amber, how nice of you to finally grace us with your presence." He purred, his dark green eyes catching hers.

"Let go of my daughter, she has nothing to do with this." Amber snapped, trying to keep her fear and panic under control.

"She has everything to do with this, I mean, you never even told her who her real father is." He snarled, growing upset with the redhead in front of him.

"I told her who her real father is. Alpha Elijah was her father, is her father." Amber responded, hoping desperately for Rayna to show up soon.

"You lied your way to the top, and even now that you have it, Amber, you keep lying. You deny telling Eden that I'm truly her father, and you choose to keep the lie you created years ago alive." The rouge growled, pulling Eden's hair.

"Mama! Make him stop!" Eden cried, holding her stuffed fox tighter.

"Leave her out of this, she is innocent, Alek, leave her be!" Amber yelled, taking a step towards him.

"I will leave her be, when you finally admit to her what you lied about. One day, you will realize that I am no longer a rouge, Amber. I am now the Alpha of the Shattered Moon Pack, and one day, our daughter here, will become a Luna, and she will hate you for what you did." Alek snarled, throwing Eden to the ground.

Amber heard shouts from her warriors as they rushed up the stairs as they smelled the rouge.

"She will become a Luna stronger than you ever were before, and she will hate you Amber, remember my words." Alek left his former mate with a snarl, glanced at his daughter one last time and ran off.

"Mama? Who was that man?" Eden asked, her eyes wide as she ran towards her.

"He was no-one, don't worry about him baby, lets just focus on the now." Amber answered, pulling her daughter close.

Kayo and Rayna burst through the door, their eyes aflame.

"Where is he?" Kayo snarled, the rouges scent all over the room.

"He left, don't worry about him. We have to focus more on what's at hand, and the news we have to share." Amber replied, looking at her Beta.

"Where's Daddy?" Eden asked, leaving Amber wide-eyed.

"He's...well let's go talk baby." Amber answered, leading her daughter downstairs.

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