Angel's Coming

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Chapter 10

"Hello Eden." Amber greeted, her voice hard and almost cutting.

Eden's eyes watered, knowing that the only parent she had left had abandoned her and gone with some unknown man.

"What are you going to cry? I thought you had grown up." Amber snapped, ignoring Milan's gasp of protest.

"And I thought I had a mother. I guess I never did. You didn't even care that Dad died did you? I guess the elders were right, Saying you were only interested in power. Seems like it, you going from Alpha to Alpha." Eden snarled, her anger and hurt taking over.

Amber didn't look phased in the slightest at her daughter's outburst.

Ryder stepped forward. "You will not be causing any sort of trouble while in my territory. If you do, I will not hesitate to kick you out, invited or not. Now leave our sight."

Alek and his family left the main Packhouse and all of the Blue Moon Alpha and Beta family turned towards Eden.

"She's alive? Why did she leave me then? Did Dad really mean nothing to her except power?" Eden wailed, sinking to the ground in tears, "She was going to let my pack die out, just so she could have one last taste of power!"

Ryder and his mate stood helpless, not knowing how the comfort the suddenly not orphaned girl.

"Does this mean that the New Moon Pack is Amber's?" Gabriel asked, breaking the silence.

"No, her father specifically wrote in his will that it goes to Eden, no matter what." Ryder explained, turning to his family.

"Do you think Elijah knew of Amber's tendency then?" Lucian asked, thinking about how the late Alpha had passed everything onto his daughter and nullified any right his mate had to the pack.

"I think he had an idea, but he would never accuse her of it. Elijah was loyal to her, and would never had done anything to seem otherwise." Milan responded, thinking of the old Alpha.

"At least my mate cannot be Alek's son." Eden suddenly added, her voice shocking everyone.

"What are you talking about, Eden? It could be everyone, that includes him." Ryder asked, wondering what she meant.

"I don't think the moon Goddess would be one to pair me with my mother's adopted son." Eden said, her voice sure.

"That does seem quite unlikely." Lucian agreed, thinking about it.

Looking at the clock, Eden realized that it was almost nine in the evening.

"We've been here for this long?" she asked everyone, pointing out the time.

"Yes, greeting the other Alpha's takes a long time." Ryder said, apologetically.

"It's alright," Eden answered, "I just need to eat and get ready for my shifting."

Milan nodded, and rushed the girl into the kitchen, leaving the men alone in the room.

"Eden was raised as an orphan, she never even knew that her mother was still that close." Lucian said, his love for the girl apparent in the grief in his voice.

Ryder nodded, "We will have to keep her safe these next couple of days, whose to say what Amber or her mate may try."

Eden followed Milan and Rayna into the forest, awaiting the time for her to shift.

"My body itches!" Eden whined, following the older she-wolves.
"We know, that's just part of your body preparing for the shift." Milan explained, feeling sorry for the younger girl.
"It's almost midnight, Eden." Rayna said, turning to face the small girl, "I'm going to go ahead and shift, and Milan is going to stay in human form to help you."
Rayna walked behind a tree, and came back out as a small dark brown wolf with a white chest and bright amber eyes.
"Look at me, Eden." Milan said, "It's going to feel unbearable, but you can get through it. The more you go through a shift, the easier it gets. Once you have your mate it also helps with the pain."
Eden nodded and went to answer as a splintering pain rushed through her body. As she screamed in pain as her body went through convulsions, Rayna's wolf pressed against her, warming her and giving her something to hold onto.
It felt like Eden had been there for hours, on the ground crying and screaming as her body tried to take on the shape of her wolf.
"Why haven't I shifted yet?" Eden growled, through her teeth clenched in pain.
"I don't know, Eden, it shouldn't take this long. Rayna, go get Ryder, please." Milan said, hugging Eden close to her to hold her while Rayna ran off.
As Milan was holding onto Eden, she felt someone come near. "Ryder, is that you?"
"No, it's me, Dante." the mystery man responded, revealing himself to the Luna.
"Why are you here?" Milan snarled, pulling Eden closer to her.
"Everyone can hear her cries of pain, I came to help. My shifting was just as painful, no one knows why, but I figured I could help." He said, crouching down across from them.
Milan looked down at Eden's pale, sweat drenched face, and decided to let the man help. Milan nodded, and Dante came and sat next to her.
"Eden, can you hear me?" he asked, hearing her slight whimper in return, "You don't have to be afraid of your wolf, I know that it hurts and you're scared, but if you fight against her you're just going to injure both of you. You have to just let her take control." he offered, trying to help her through.
As Eden listened to the man's words, she reached towards him, wanting his warmth.
Dante looked to Milan for permission, and when she nodded, he pulled Eden into him, warming her.
"It'll be okay, just let your wolf out."
As Dante was talking to Eden, Ryder arrived with Rayna and started growling at Dante.
The younger male turned to look at Ryder in fear, and Milan quickly stood between them.
"Stop growling, Dante is helping Eden, we've been out here for too long without her shifting. He's went through the same thing so I allowed him to help." Milan explained, putting her hands on her mates chest.
Ryder nodded and stopped growling but didn't take his eyes off the male.
As they watched, Dante kept whispering words of encouragement to Eden, and after about ten minutes her body started to shimmer and start to shift into her wolf.
Dante let go of her, but still stayed next to her so she knew she was safe.
Eden slowly stopped crying out in pain and started to shift. As they stared, a small dark red wolf took the place of the girl.
Milan and Ryder stared at her wolf. She was dark red with darker paws, and had a white mask on her face that covered her muzzle and her eyes, which were a darker hazel with gold in her wolf form.
"She's beautiful." Dante whispered, earning another growl from Ryder.
"Stop it, Ryder." Milan scolded, smacking her mate's shoulder.
Dante was also giving Eden another look, but before Ryder could ask what he was thinking, Eden ran off into the forest and they shifted to follow her.
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