Angel's Coming

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Chapter 11

As the Alpha and Luna followed Eden through the forest, they didn't notice that Dante and Rayna had tagged along.

Eden finally stopped along a waterfall that was towards the border of their territory.

Eden shifted back to human, and Milan and Rayna quickly leaped towards her to cover her body.

Rayna dropped the clothes that she had scooped up off the floor before, and dropped them so Eden could get dressed.

Exhausted, Eden barely managed to mutter 'thank you' before passing out and falling to the ground.

Dante quickly put her on his back before Ryder and his wolves could do anything and took off towards the pack house.

Ryder growling chased after him, and left Milan and Rayna to follow.

When Ryder arrived at the house, he realized that Dante had put her on the porch seat and was nowhere to be seen.

The three adult wolves shifted, and carried Eden up to her room, and put her to bed.

As they left her room, Rayna stopped Milan. "We never got a chance to get her dress, what are we going to do before tonight?" she questioned.

"I already have the dress maker coming here with the ones she was going to have Eden try on. Eden's just going to have to pick today before the ball starts." Milan explained, turning to head to bed. "Goodnight, Rayna."

"Goodnight, Luna Milan."

"Eden! Wake up!"

Eden awoke, startled and gasped at the closeness of Milan to her face.
"It's like five in the afternoon, you have to get ready for the ball!" she screeched, pulling Eden out of bed.
Eden half asleep followed Milan towards the bathroom where Rayna and a lady she didn't know where waiting.
"This is Cynthia, she is going to get you into your dress." Rayna introduced, closing the door behind them.
"Nice to meet you, Cynthia. " Eden greeted, stripping off her pajamas to let the ladies work their magic.
"Nice to meet you too, Eden." she responded, turning to the dresses she had on a rack.
"I think this one will do the trick." Cynthia said, pulling out a floor length, forest green dress. It was a fitted bodice and a flared skirt, and there was a black lace decal on the bodice.
"It's beautiful!" Eden cried, staring at the dress.
"Let's get you ready!" Milan said, diving into work.
After what felt like hours, the women stepped away from Eden.
"You look amazing, Eden." Rayna said, tears in her eyes.
Eden turned to face herself in the mirror, and she didn't recognize herself. Her hair was done up in the intricate braid and her makeup was done the same way as well. She looked like the strong, beautiful leader she always wanted to be.
"Wait, Eden, before we go out there, I have something to give you." Rayna said, "Kayo received it from Elijah when he passed away, and he said to give it to you on your eighteenth birthday."
Rayna pulled out a black, velvet box and handed it to her.
Eden looked at her curiously and opened the box. Inside the box was a delicate, silver necklace and earrings. The necklace had a heart pendant on in with one opal with two open placements next to it. The earrings also had opal stones next to it.
"It's missing stones." Eden stated, pointing it out to Rayna.
"Oh, no. Kayo lost the letter that came with it when our house flooded, but I believe those are left empty for you to fill with the birthstones of whoever is important to you. Whether that be your father, your mate, or even just your children. Elijah left it up to you." Rayna explained, apologizing for losing the letter.
Eden nodded, and put the necklace and earrings on.
"Are you ready, Eden?" she heard Ryder call through the bathroom door, "It's time for you to join us in the ballroom."
Eden looked at the women and smiled, "Thank you."
She turned and opened the door to her surrogate father, and pulled him into a hug.
"Thank you, Dad. You have helped me through so much, and I will be forever grateful. So thank you." She said, trying to hold back her tears to not ruin her makeup.
"Let's go meet the packs." Ryder said, his eyes also glistening with tears as he looked at his daughter all grown up.
Eden followed Ryder from the room, allowing the she-wolves that helped her get ready to slip past and join their mates.
"Are you ready?" Ryder asked, stopping them as they reached the doorway to the ballroom.
"As ready as I'll ever be." Eden responded, giving him one last hug.
"Here we go." Ryder said, throwing the doors open.
The room grew quiet as Ryder and Eden entered, and everyone turned to face her.
"I would like to present, Eden Lowell, heir to the New Moon Pack and the belle of our ball." Ryder announced, introducing her, and allowing the ball to get back into motion.
"Might I have this dance?" Gabriel asked, bowing to her with his hand extended.
"Of course." Eden replied, with a curtsy.
As Eden and Gabriel waltzed, she asked him the question that had been on her mind all morning. "How will I know who my mate is?"
Gabriel looked at her shocked, and then smiled. "You wont know until the exact hour of your birth, but you will be able to tell because you just feel pulled to them, and their scent alone will drive you insane."
Eden thought about his answer, and then realized that Gabriel never mentioned his mate.
"What about you, where's your mate?" Eden asked.
Gabriel looked upset, and then answered, "I haven't met my mate yet, either she doesn't live around here or she hasn't turned eighteen yet. "
"Oh, I didn't mean to make you upset, I'm sorry." Eden apologized, not liking how sad he looked.
"Oh, Eden, you could never upset me or hurt me." Gabriel said, smiling at her.

"But I could."
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