Angel's Coming

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Chapter 12

Gabriel growled, facing Flynn as he interrupted their dance.

"Mind if I steal her away for a dance?" Flynn asked, offering his hand too Eden.

"Yes." Gabriel said, narrowing his eyes at the smaller male.

"Gabriel, I'll be okay. I'll come find you after, okay?" Eden said, trying to keep the two males from making a scene.

"Fine." Gabriel huffed, allowing her to take Flynn's hand.

As Eden began to waltz with Flynn, he pulled her close, and leaned down to talk to her.

"I hope you realize that when you're my mate that you will be nothing more than my wife. I will be in charge of the Pack, you will just be there for show and to have pups. " he threatened, his grip unyielding as she tried to pull away. "You will be grateful to be my mate, Eden."

"Is there something wrong here?" A voice asked, someone coming up behind Eden once again.

"Nothing's wrong at all, Beta Lucian." Flynn quickly answered, his voice sweet like honey.

Leaning towards Eden, Lucian whispered, "If he gives you any more trouble, just look my way and I'll take care of him."

Eden blinked gratefully at the man she had designated as her uncle and Lucian walked away, leaving the younger wolves alone.

Flynn and Eden finished their dance, and before Flynn could drag her into another dance, she quickly excused herself and strode towards the refreshment table.

"How did your dance go?" Gabriel asked, attempting to hide his smirk.

"Horrible." Eden grumbled, noticing his amusement.

"We could tell." Lucian laughed, walking up to her. "You looked about as uncomfortable as Ryder was when he gave you the sex talk."

Eden grinned at the two men, grateful for their ability to make her feel at ease and lessen her stress.

As she stood chatting with the men, she felt someone's gaze on her. Turning her head to the side, she noticed her mother glaring at her as she walked towards the table.

"I see my daughter has quite the following. I wonder how they were made." Amber sneered, the insinuation heavy in her words.

Eden turned to her mother, squaring her shoulders. "Isn't that how you made your following? I guess I learned from the best, Luna Amber. Perhaps you're just jealous you aren't that interesting anymore."

Amber glanced at her, shock briefly flashing through her gaze before her anger hardened her green eyes again. "It seems the blonde one likes you very much. Then again, maybe it's just how you spread your legs that makes him love you."

Gabriel opened his mouth to defend her, but Eden silenced him with a glare.

"What would you understand about love, Mother? As far as I remember your love only lasts as long as their power. Perhaps you only like men who make you feel important. Isn't that why you went crawling towards Alpha Alek when Father died? You needed to feel that power again, and the amount of times you spread your legs ruined the special feeling for you. Your orgasm comes from bossing others around. You control those men you claim to love, not with your heart or love, but with the pleasure they receive from you. You are a loveless creature living from one high to the next." Eden snarled, her green eyes showing flecks of gold as her wolf came to the surface for a split second. "Now get out of my sight, don't forget you are a guest here."

Amber looked at her daughter, her gaze darkening with what seemed to be sadness before turning and walking away. Eden glared after her, her shoulders finally softening as her anger dissipated.

"I'm proud of you, Eden." Lucian finally muttered, breaking the silence around the three of them.

"I'm not." Eden sighed, staring after her mother's back. "I was hoping I could fix my relationship with her. I guess that chance will never come again."

Gabriel and Lucian shared a look, and stared at the small girl in front of them.

"I'd hate to interrupt, but Eden, may I have this dance? You look as though you need some cheering up." a female voice asked, as a lanky, blonde girl joined them at the table.

"Cass!" Eden cried, throwing her arms around her friend. "Why are you here? How did you get here?"

"I brought her. I figured you might want some support tonight." Ryder explained from where he was behind her.

Eden squealed with happiness and the girls walked out to the dance floor leaving the men alone.

"I saw Eden speaking with Luna Amber, what happened?" Ryder asked, noting the stress on their faces.

"Let's just say that Eden carries her mothers anger with her." Lucian answered, grabbing a glass of water.

"I don't like Flynn." Gabriel suddenly spoke, drawing Ryder and Lucian's attention to him. "He thinks he's better than she-wolves and believes they are nothing but objects to him. I heard what he said too Eden."

Ryder looked at Gabriel thoughtfully, "I will make sure she's safe, no matter who her mate is." he promised, throwing his arm around the younger males shoulder.

Gabriel nodded, his gaze following Eden and her friend on the dance floor.

"You love her don't you?" Lucian asked, staring at his son.

"Yes, but our mates come first. I will always be there for her." Gabriel answered, sighing.

Lucian nodded, and shared a gaze with Ryder behind the younger males back.

"It's time." Ryder muttered, walking towards the main part of the ballroom.

"May I have your attention please?" Ryder called, motioning for the music to stop and for Eden to join him.

"Eden, you were born at 11:34 at night on this date, we are minutes away from your mate being revealed to you. These next minutes belong to you." Ryder said, stepping away from the young girl.

Eden nodded, and turned to face the crowd in front of her. As she scanned the faces in front of her, she noticed that Gabriel looked saddened. Figuring she could ask him later, she looked at the other's Alpha's sons. Flynn looked sure of himself, the twins seemed to care less, Seth avoided her gaze, and Dante, the man who had assisted her with her shifting, met her stare dead on.

As Eden stared at Dante, the time changed, and everything seemed too slow for her.

Suddenly, all she could smell was the scent of pine trees and mint, and another, softer scent of citrus and mountain air. Gabriel had walked towards Dante, and she was now locking gazes with them.

"Mates, my mates."

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