Angel's Coming

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Chapter 13

"Mates?" Ryder asked, walking up too Eden. "Are you sure?"

Eden nodded, her gaze not leaving the two men in front of her. Not wanting to break the connection between them.

"What do you mean mates? She can have two?" Milan questioned, coming to join her mate.

"It's rare, but possible." A new voice explained, Elder Blackwood and Elder Hunter had walked up to join the younger wolves. "We can explain later, I don't think explaining with an audience is the best idea."

Ryder turned to face the crowd, and cleared his throat. "Eden has found her mate, and once they have completed the correct ritual and their mating, then she will take her place as the Luna of the New Moon Pack with her Alpha at her side. We thank you all for coming, and wish you safe travels home."

As Ryder dismissed the group, Eden, her newfound mates, and her adoptive family all traveled to the Elder's house.

"How can she have two mates?" Lucian questioned, worrying for his son's wellbeing.

"Normally, this only happens if the wolf is part rouge or was a former rouge. The Goddess traditionally pairs wolves with their same counterpart ranking. Since Eden is the daughter of an Alpha, her first mate is Dante, the son of an Alpha. Gabriel is the son of a Beta as well as one of the best hunters, and so Eden's blood must carry some sort of Beta line or hunter line." Elder Blackwood explained, rifling through a book.

"Amber seemed positive that Alpha Alek would accept her, do you think they have some sort of past?" Milan questioned, remembering the day that Amber abandoned her daughter.

"The rouge that led the attack on my father said something about him truly being my father, and not Elijah." Eden suddenly whispered, thinking about the saddest day of her life.

Dante and Gabriel moved closer to the smaller female, as if wanting to take away her sadness. They sat on either side of her as if to protect her from her own emotions. Wrapping their arms around her they held her closely as tears dripped down her cheeks.

"Fetch them." Ryder ordered Lucian, as he began pacing the room.

"Does that mean I can't be the Luna if I don't have Alpha blood?" Eden asked, her voice cracking.

"No, Eden. If Elijah claimed you as his own, which he believed you were his, then you are the rightful heir to the pack, and the Goddess will honor that. Amber must have been cheating on Elijah and convinced him he had gotten her pregnant." Elder Hunter explained, trying to comfort the girl.

"I don't understand why you need us, it's not as if Seth is her mate." Amber's shrill voice carried through the door as Lucian led her and her mate into the home.

"Alpha Alek, Luna Amber, we just have a few questions for you." Ryder explained, motioning for them to take a seat.

Amber glanced at Eden and laughed at the girl with her two mates, "Look at you, being sad when you have two men holding you. Isn't that your dream, to have two men to do your bidding?"

"Enough! This is my home, and you will not disrespect my daughter!" Ryder yelled, slamming his hands on his table.

Amber directed her gaze at the Alpha male, and even if she was afraid of him, she refused to show it.

"She is my daughter! It will do you good to remember that." she snarled, standing up across from him.

"No, I'm not your daughter." Eden's quiet voice silenced the fighting wolves.

"What do you mean?" Amber asked, her voice quieting.

"You lost any right to call me your daughter when you abandoned me years ago. Ryder and Milan are my parents and Elijah is my father. You are nothing more to me than a fellow Luna, and I expect you to treat me with the same respect I show you." Eden said, glancing up. Even though her eyes were puffy and red from crying they showed the strength of the wolf behind them. "Now I suggest you answer Alpha Ryder's questions truthfully, or I will make sure you do."

Amber, stunned by her words, sat down by her mate. Ryder turned to them, and sat down.

"Now that's been solved, Alpha Alek, my first question is for you." Ryder began, "Are you Eden's true father?"

Alek smiled and nodded his head. "I am. Amber has been my friend since childhood, and she ended up not being my mate, I honestly don't know who her mate was. One night, we made a decision and I ended up impregnating her. I didn't know it at the time, but I learned months later. After she had gotten pregnant, she told me that she had found her mate and that he was the Alpha of the New Moon Pack. During that time I had found and lost my mate, turned rouge, and then given a second chance as the Alpha of the Shattered Moon pack by the Goddess herself."

Ryder nodded and turned to Amber, "And what is your story?"

Amber swallowed heavily before answering. "What he says is true. I have been his friend for years and he was the one who impregnated me. Elijah wasn't my mate, but I coerced him into becoming my mate because I told him I was pregnant with his child. When he passed away I went to Alek and told him what had happened, he accepted me into the pack but I didn't bring Eden with me, this you know. I don't know what happened to my true mate, but the Goddess made Alek and I second chance mates, and so here we are."

Alek looked at Eden, and his smile fell some. "I wish I had the chance to be a true father to you. All I ever wanted in my life was to be a father. I would have moved mountains for you, all I ask is that you forgive me and that maybe we can try to have a good relationship."

Eden looked at her true father. "You have nothing to apologize for. You never did me any wrong, and I would love to try again and have a good relationship with you."

Standing up from her mates, she gave her father a hug, returning to her seat, she looked at Amber.

"I will never forgive you."

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