Angel's Coming

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Chapter 14

"What do you mean?" Amber asked, standing and walking towards her daughter.
"I mean exactly that. I have no want to have you in my life. If I never saw you again, I would have no issues. All you are to me is a fellow Luna, and I am through with your excuses. Now if you wouldn't mind leaving us alone, we have to discuss things without you." Eden snapped, glaring her mother down.
"Fine." Amber sighed, her fight seemingly gone.
Alek stood up to join his mate and they made their way to the door.
"Wait." Eden said, standing up. "Alek, you can stay. As my father you have the right to stay and help me with these decisions. You may not have raised me like Elijah and Ryder did, but you are still related by blood."
Alek looked at Eden, his face lighting up, and turned to face Amber who was scowling at her daughter.
"I would very much like that." he answered, taking a step back inside.
"You're leaving me!" Amber screeched, trying to pull him back.
In a split second, Alek was pushing her against the door growling. "I may be your mate, but I am still your Alpha first, and you will listen me. I am staying, but since you are not welcome, you must leave."
Amber looked at him, tears in her eyes, and took off running, slamming the door shut behind her.
Alek turned back the the family behind him and took the seat he had been occupying only moments before.
"So how does this work, am I allowed to take both of them as mates? Can these packs have two Alphas and one Luna?" Eden questioned, looking towards the elders.
Elder Blackwood nodded, "It has happened before, the Rose Moon pack has a Luna and two Alpha males. The way it worked was the Alphas just worked together and agreed on everything. There will be people who judge you and believe you aren't following the Goddess, but as long as you all feel the mate bond, then there is nothing wrong with what you're doing."
Elder Hunter looked at the three wolves, "Do you all feel it?"
Eden nodded, the scents of her mates distinct and strong to her. Dante nodded and so did Gabriel. The males explained they couldn't feel it as strongly to each other, but they did feel connected in a way.
"We need to plan the ceremonies." Elder Blackwood stated, pulling down another book from his shelf.
"Ceremonies?" Eden echoed, "I thought there was only one to appoint a new Alpha and Luna."
"Traditionally, yes, but since this isn't exactly a normal appointment, there are a few separate ones we have to do. The first one is the Passing of Moons, since you are not the Luna to your father, the leadership has to be passed to you through this ceremony. As well as we have the Luna ceremony which is the traditional one, and then we have three separate ceremonies to bind you all together as the Alpha's and Luna for your packs." Elder Hunter picked up the information.
"Elder, is there any way that I could be taken off as the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack?" Dante asked leaning forward on his knees, "My brother, Andrei, is almost of age, and then instead of me being strung between two packs, I could focus on my Luna's pack and make it my own."
Elder Hunter nodded, "With your father's permission, yes. We could strip you of the Alpha title of the Blood Moon Pack."
Dante nodded, satisfied, and leaned back against the couch.
"How quickly do we need to do these ceremonies?" Gabriel asked, glancing at Dante.
"Traditionally within the month of the Luna or Alpha finding their mate. So we have a month to preform six ceremonies." Elder Blackwood answered, closing his book and facing them, "And they're not easy, so we best get started."

After planning when the ceremonies would take place, Eden was following Dante and Gabriel home.
"Are you coming?" Gabriel asked, noticing she was falling behind.
"Yes, I'm right behind you guys. I just want to be left to my thoughts for a moment." Eden responded, letting the two men pull ahead.
While walking, Eden studied her two mates. Gabriel was a large man with dark hair and pale eyes. He had been her friend for ages, and even with the age difference she cared for him. Even though he was more mature than her, he was still able to be childish with her and have fun. He had always been there for her through every bump in the road and she never took him for granted.
On the other hand, she barely knew anything about her other mate. Dante was taller than Gabriel by a couple inches, and had broader shoulders. He had longer dark brown hair, so dark it was almost black, and amber eyes with golden flecks. She didn't know much about his personality, but from what he had already done for her, she knew he was caring and considerate, and she was excited to learn more about him. As Eden was studying the males, the males were thinking about her as well.
Gabriel was thrilled, the girl he had loved for years and ended up being his mate. Even though she had another mate as well, he wasn't upset. He knew the mate bond was equally strong for all of them and he knew that Dante would love and treat her the same way he would. He had fallen in love with the fiery girl, and he knew that she had a crush on him as well.
Dante was thinking about his now Luna. He had always waited for his mate before doing anything sexual, and now he had to share her with another male. He wasn't upset, because he figured the Goddess had a reason for pairing them all together, and he figured they'd find a way for it to work. So far he had fallen for the spirited red-head and he was going to do anything to make her happy.
"Eden, you whore."
All three of them turned at the sound of someone insulting Eden, and both the males started growling at the owner of the voice.
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