Angel's Coming

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Chapter 15

"Guys, it's okay!" Eden called, standing in front of them. "Cass what are you doing?"

"I can't believe you, getting two mates. I'm jealous!" Cassandra joked, playfully punching Eden in the shoulder.

"You'll find yours soon!" Eden promised, the two girls embracing each other.

"I still have a week, what are you talking about. I can't believe you got a Beta and an Alpha as your mate. I'm gonna get stuck with some hunter or something lame." Cassandra whined, her eyes glistening.

"Cass, it really isn't that big of a deal. Your mate will be perfect for you, isn't that all that matters?" Eden comforted, hugging her friend harder.

"I guess," Cass grumbled, pulling away to look at Eden, "Are you going to come back to school?"

Eden looked at her mates, and then looked at her friend. "I don't think I am. I'm going to finish my senior year being homeschooled. On top of learning everything for being a Luna as well as meeting and ceremonies, I don't have time to attend."

Cass looked at Eden angrily as she heard her answer. "I see, so you get to be some fancy Luna, and now you don't have time for your friend. You get two mates, you get to run a pack and you forget about me. I see how it is."

Eden tried to defend herself, but Cass just stormed off, ignoring anything Eden said.

"Hey, Eden. She's just upset and sad, she doesn't mean any of what she said." Gabriel said, trying to comfort his mate.

Eden just waved her hand and walked away from her mates, wanting to be alone for a moment.

"Gabriel? Do you mind if I steal Eden away for a night? My parents are leaving tomorrow and would like to get to know their son's mate before she becomes our Luna." Dante asked, coming to stand next to the other male.

Gabriel lowly growled, but turned to face his shared mate. "I guess that's fine. I got to grow up with her, I guess you just want to make it even."

Dante nodded, "Thank you, Gabe. I know that you have loved her for awhile, so I appreciate this."

Gabriel sat and watched as Dante walked towards Eden, and as he asked her to come with him.

Eden nodded and rushed towards Gabriel pulling him into a hug. "I will see you tomorrow, alright?"

Gabriel smiled and breathed in her scent, the citrus and floral driving him insane. "Very well, but I get you tomorrow okay?"

Eden giggled and nodded. "Okay, you might have to fight Dante though. His parents apparently want us to go for brunch with them as well."

Gabriel nodded, "Well one of these upcoming days I get you all to myself, okay?"

Eden nodded and rushed off following Dante, as she followed him, she turned around and gave Gabriel a big smile and wave.

As Eden and Dante walked towards where his family were staying she decided to ask him some questions.

"How come Ryder doesn't like your father?" she asked, remembering their initial meeting.
"When my parents became the Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon Pack, he gave the rouges on our territory two options. Either join our pack or leave the territory. By giving them these options, we ensured the safest territory for our pack to grow, but we incurred the anger of the other Alpha's since they believed that rouges should be allowed to live in peace as long as they didn't hurt anyone."
Eden nodded, remembering ages ago when Ryder had seemed consistently angry for no reason.
"How old are you, Dante?" she added, realizing she knew nothing about him.
"I'm twenty-three. I'm the middle child, my brother, Andrei, is seventeen and my sister is twenty-five." he answered, stopping to face her.
"Both of my mates are so much older than me." Eden said, looking at Dante with wide eyes.
"It happens, Eden. My sisters mate was five years older than her. Selene is the mate of the Snow Moon Pack's Beta." Dante explained, motioning for her to follow him again.
"Snow Moon? Is that the pack that Flynn is from?" Eden questioned, remembering the blond man that had threatened her multiple times.
"Yes, it is." Dante growled, hearing how nervous Eden was saying even just his name.
"His parents seem sweet, but he seems terrifying." Eden explained, putting her hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down.
"Yes, Alpha Dex and Luna Calypso are very sweet, they have treated my sister and her mate wonderfully, their son is just spoiled and acts as such." Dante growled, putting his hand on top of his mates.
"He scares me, Dante. He threatened that if I ended up being his mate, he was just going to treat me as a breeder and nothing else." Eden whimpered, thinking of his hard blue gaze.
"He will never get to you, my mate. Gabriel and I would both prevent him from ever hurting you." Dante promised, turning her to face him. "We love you, Eden and we would do whatever it would take to protect you."
Eden nodded, looking into his dark amber eyes, "I believe you." She said, nuzzling into him for a hug.
Dante relished the moment and just stood there holding her.
"We should get to my parents before they get upset, Eden." He said, breaking the silence.
Eden looked up at him and nodded. "I guess we should, I wouldn't want to upset my mate's parent's before I even get to meet them."
Dante smiled and they started walking again, hand in hand.
Walking through the town, Dante and Eden attracted many unwanted stares and whispers.
"What's going on, Dante?" Eden questioned, drawing closer to him.
"It has been a long time since someone has been double mated, Eden. It's nothing big, the people just have to get used to it. " Dante explained.
As Eden was nodding at his words, she heard a voice call out Dante's name.
"Dante! What are you doing?"
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