Angel's Coming

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Chapter 16

Eden and Dante turned towards the voice and saw a tall, white-haired lady walking towards them.

"Eden, this is Selene. Selene this is my mate, Eden. Where is Taylor at?" Dante introduced, smiling as he saw his sister.

"Taylor is busy at home, he didn't get to come with us, however, Alpha Dex allowed me to come in order to visit my family. What I don't understand is why you are here with Flynn's mate." Selene answered, scowling at Eden.

"What do you mean, Flynn's mate? Eden is mine and Gabriel's mate. Not him." Dante answered, tilting his head to the side confused.

"Flynn has been telling everyone that Eden is his mate, and that you and Gabriel are declaring war on our pack with keeping his mate from him." Selene answered, completely ignoring Eden.

"Well she isn't his mate, and so you should tell your Elder or his father to take it up with him." Dante snarled, not caring that he was threatening his sister.

"You will watch your tone with my Beta female, Dante, or else we will have problems." A sudden male voice interrupted their conversation.

Eden and Dante turned to see Flynn with his father standing next to him walking up to the three other wolves.

Eden whimpered, seeing Flynn grin at her, and she moved closer to Dante, wanting his protection.

"Alpha Dex, Flynn." Dante greeted, shaking hands with Dex.

"Why are you yelling at my Beta female, Dante?" Dex questioned, glaring at the two younger wolves.

"Just a sibling argument. Nothing to worry about, Alpha Dex. However, I do have a note of disagreement to discuss." Dante answered, smiling at the Alpha.

"What is it?" Dex growled, glaring at him.

"Your son has been going around claiming that mine and Gabriel's mate is his. It upsets all of us greatly, and I would appreciate it if you would teach your son to not lie about important matters such as this." Dante explained, hearing Flynn growl in response.

"Eden, is this true? Flynn is not your mate but Dante and Gabriel are?" Dex asked, addressing the scared female.

Eden nodded, not trusting her voice to work as she noticed Flynn glowering at her, his eyes dark.

"Flynn?" Dex snarled, facing his son.

"What, Father?" Flynn asked, his voice low.

"You were lying about your mate? Do you understand how much of an issue that is? The Goddess might find a way to punish you for that." Alpha Dex growled, grabbing his son's face to make him face him.

"What would you know, old man? Calypso isn't even my mother, she isn't your true mate! How dare you lecture me about mates when you rejected your mate once you met her!" Flynn yelled, smacking his father's hand off of his face.

"Leave us!" Alpha Dex snarled, his orders being directed at Dante, Eden and his sister.

Eden, shaking, allowed Dante to lead her away, Selene following them a short distance away.

"Forgive me, Dante. I shouldn't have believed him when I know how he is." Selene apologized, bowing her head to her brother.

Dante just grunted in acceptance and turned to Eden. "Are you okay?"

Eden nodded, her shaking slowly stopping. Dante turned to his sister, "It was nice to see you, however, Eden and I have plans to meet with Mom and Dad. I will speak with you later."

Selene nodded, bowing her head in farewell and waking away.

"Come, my sweet, let's go introduce you to my parents." Dante said, putting his arm around Eden's shoulders and leading her towards the guest house.

As Eden and Dante neared the guest house, Eden recognized Alpha Zephyr and his mate standing outside.
"Took you long enough to come meet us. I know we've met before, but I'm Dahlia, Dante's mother. Although you can call me mom if you would like now." Luna Dahlia greeted, pulling Eden into a hug with a wide smile.
"I'm Zephyr, Dante's father. You can call me dad however." His father added, putting his hand on Eden's shoulder.
"We heard you were double mated and we've never been so excited. Double mates don't happen very often and there's a folk tale that believes Luna's with double mates are often the strongest." Dahlia said, pulling Eden towards a group of chairs on the porch of the guest house, the men trailing behind them.
"Is that so?" Eden asked, taking her seat next to her mother-in-law.
"It seems so. The only other Luna that is double mated is Luna Eira of the Rose Moon Pack. It's sad she wasn't able to make it to this event. She is normally quite busy however, I'm sure all of it is from trying to keep her boys in line." Dahlia teased, winking at her mate.
Zephyr rolled his eyes at his Luna's antics and looked at Eden, "So what is your other mate like?"
Eden's eyes widened, "Well, he has always been a part of my life. He's Beta Lucian's son, and so he has been around ever since the death of my father."
"He's also quite older than Eden, but so am I." Dante said, interjecting.
"Is that so? How much older are they then you?" Zephyr asked.
"Gabriel is nine years older than me, and your son is five years older." Eden answered, blushing.
Dahlia laughed at Eden's embarrassment, while Zephyr just winked at his son.
"Well he had better be the mature one, because if I hear about you having to 'parent' him, I will come personally to beat him into shape." Dahlia threatened, glaring at her son.
"Of course, Mom." Dante sighed, rolling his eyes.
As the four wolves spoke, Eden learned a lot about her mate. She learned embarrassing stories of him, how he was in high school, and many things that Dante tried to keep his parents from sharing.
"Did you know, on his first day of kindergarten, he wouldn't let go of my hand and I had to walk him all the way to his desk." Dahlia spoke, laughing at how red Dante's face turned.
"Awe! Are you a Mama's boy?" Eden teased, sticking her tongue out at her mate.
As Dante went to respond, a blonde haired she-wolf threw herself onto his lap and squealed, "Dante!"
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