Angel's Coming

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Chapter 17

"Jezebel! I didn't know you were coming!" Dante said, picking the girl up in a hug.

"Of course, silly. You thought I'd let you find your mate without me?" Jezebel laughed, as he put her down.

"Can I ask who you are?" Eden growled, unable to keep her jealousy out of her voice.

Dante went to answer, but Jezebel stood in front of him and smiled brightly. "I'm Jezebel, I'm sure this dingbat hasn't told you who I am yet. I'm his best friend. Trust me, I don't want anything to do with him."

Eden narrowed her eyes at the female in front of her. "Why should I believe you?"

As she asked her question, she heard all three of the other wolves around her laugh.

"I'm gay, Eden. I have no interest in men in any capacity." Jezebel explained, smiling.

Eden flushed in response, embarrassed. "Oh." She muttered, looking down.

"It's okay, Eden. We all know you didn't know, it's just funny." Dante said, pulling his mate into a hug.

"You can call me Jezze. I have a feeling we're going to be best friends." She smiled, sitting down on the empty chair to join the wolves for the rest of their conversation.

After what felt like hours of talking and laughing, Dante and Eden finally retired to their room.

"I didn't think I'd learn so much about you in such a short time." Dante said, crawling into bed.
"I didn't either. Dante, I have a question." Eden said, sitting on the edge of the bed.
"What is it?" Dante answered, looking at her concerned.
"Would it be okay if I texted Gabriel and had him join us? That way he can meet your parents for brunch tomorrow. I just feel like they should know my other mate since in a way we're all connected." Eden said, her voice quiet.
"Of course, Eden. Whatever you want." Dante said, smiling.
"Thank you!" Eden squealed, throwing her arms around his neck and falling on top on him in the process.
"Anything for you, my sweet." Dante mumbled into her hair.
"I'll be right back!" Eden said, running into the bathroom with her phone.
Dante smiled at the door his mate closed behind him. Waiting for her to return he moved the pillows around on the bed.
"He said he'll be here in a minute." Eden's voice broke the silence, walking out of the bathroom in a large, pajama shirt.
"I figured you could sleep in-between us." Dante said, his breath catching as he looked at her.
Eden smiled and jumped onto the bed, facing him. "What's wrong?" she asked, seeing his wide eyes.
"Are you only wearing a shirt?" He asked, looking his mate up and down.
"Maybe." Eden laughed, sticking her tongue out again and diving under the covers.
"Oh you're in for it, little mate." Dante said, standing up from the bed.
"What did she do this time?" Gabriel's voice broke in.
"She's decided to wear just a shirt to bed." Dante said, looking at him.
"Well that won't do." Gabriel said, Dante and him exchanging looks.
"What are you doing?" Eden whispered, peering at the two men from under the comforter.
"Nothing you aren't doing, little mate." Dante said, as the men stripped down to just their boxers and crawled into bed next to her.
Eden flushed red and hid her face under the blanket. Both of the men heard her mumble something.
"What was that, Eden?" Gabriel asked, Dante and him sharing amused looks.
"Put some clothes on!" Eden whined, her voice still muffled by the blankets.
"We will if you do." Dante said, wrapping his arm around her waist.
Eden squeaked and didn't say anything else. Gabriel lay on her other side and wrapped his one arm across her waist as well, his arm laying above Dante's.
As the three lay there in the dark, the men felt their mate's body relax as she fell asleep.
"Dante?" Gabriel asked, staring at the ceiling unable to sleep.
"Yeah?" the other male answered, also unable to sleep.
"What does our mate smell like to you?"
Dante shifted in the bed, and flicked his gaze towards Eden and Gabriel. "She smells like cherry blossoms and oranges to me."
Gabriel grinned in the dark, "To me it's more like limes and orchids. Do I have a smell to you?"
Dante thought about it, "You smell like the fresh scent after rain and mountain air to be honest. What about me?"
Gabriel sniffed the air, trying to think of the exact scents, "Like pine sap and mint."
"Can you two shut up and go to bed, your mate is tired."
Eden's sudden complaining made the two men laugh. Her words were slurred and she wasn't fully awake, but was awake enough to be annoyed with the men.
"Of course, little mate." the men responded in unison as they turned on their sides and tried to sleep.

"What do you mean, there's no way to make her my mate!" Flynn yelled, pacing his room.
"The Goddess has given her her mates, Alpha Flynn. I don't know what you want me to tell you." the voice on the phone answered.
"Very well, Elder Thana, but I expect you to keep this conversation between us. If I hear that you have told anyone we had this conversation, my father's anger will look like a child's tantrum compared to me." Flynn threatened, hanging up on his Pack's Elder.
Flynn snarled and threw his phone at the wall. All he had ever wanted was a red-headed mate, and now that he had found one his age, the Goddess had decided to give her too two males. Her mother had spoken to him when he was younger and said that he could have her as a mate if he could get his father to be with her. Even though he didn't follow through on his part of the deal, he expected her too. The red-headed bitch called Amber, however, decided to slink off to her old friend and become his mate without giving him her daughter. Now not only did he have to deal with her adoptive family, but now her two mates as well.
Flynn growled, picking up his broken phone. as he stalked off to go to sleep, only one thought remained on his mind.
One day, little Eden. You will be my mate, and you will be glad to be.
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