Angel's Coming

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Chapter 18

"Good morning, my sweet!"

Eden groaned and shielded her eyes against the bright room. "What time is it?"

"It's almost ten, Eden. We're meeting my family at noon so you have some time to get ready." Dante answered, the sound of a shower running muffling his words some.

Eden just moaned again in response and buried herself back into the comforter and pillows.

"Eden, come on. You have to get up and get ready." Dante pleaded, before realizing she was just going to ignore him.

"Here, I'll help."

Eden was wondering what Gabriel was going to do when suddenly a soaking wet Gabriel launched himself into bed next to her. Eden shrieked and tried to pull away from him, but he threw him arms around her and held her close.

"Gabriel! Let go of me! You're soaking wet!" Eden screamed, trying to push him away.

"You gotta get up, Eden. You weren't listening before." Gabriel explained, faking innocence.

"Fine! I'll get up if you leave me be!" Eden promised, still trying to pull away from him.

Gabriel and Dante grinned at each other and he released her from his grip as she pulled away.

"I hate you two." Eden grumbled, her eyes betraying her faked anger.

"We know." The men chorused in response, still grinning at her.

Eden just shook her head in response and turned into the bathroom.

"If you mess with my shower there will be hell to pay." she threatened, closing the door behind her.

Dante and Gabriel just laughed at each other and got ready while she showered and dressed.

"How do your parents feel about the double mating?" Gabriel asked, as the men waited for Eden to finish.

"They're very pleased honestly. They believe the folktale of double matings resulting in the strongest bonds. They are so happy that I am part of one, especially with an Alpha's daughter and a Beta's son. I'm sure they would be pleased regardless but the fact that you are also high ranking increases it. It will make it a lot easier to make treaties when the New Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon pack will all be connected already." Dante answered, hearing the anxiety in the older males voice. "They don't hate you." he added

Gabriel nodded, the tension in his shoulders disappearing some.

"If they hated you, you would know by now." Dante reassured.

Gabriel nodded again, and the two men fell into a comfortable silence, waiting for their small mate to get ready.

Eden finally exited the bathroom in a small, peach colored summer dress. She had put her hair into soft curls and she had white flats on.

"Are you two ready?" She asked, smiling at them.

The two men nodded, their eyes roaming her body in the tighter fit dress, unable to control themselves around their mate.

"Once you two can stop undressing Eden with your eyes, maybe you'll be able to make it on time to meet Dante's parents." A new voice broke into the group.

"Jezze! Are you coming with us?" Eden asked, hugging her new friend and pulling the men's attention off of her.

"Of course! Let's go!" Jezebel said, linking arms with Eden as the two girls skipped away.

Gabriel looked at Dante questioningly as they followed the women.

"Jezebel is my friend. She's gay, and apparently now one of Eden's best friends." Dante said, giving the other half of his mate the quick rundown.

"Got it." Gabriel said, nodding his head in agreement.

The two men followed the women outside towards a small lake near the pack house. There was a gazebo near the water front that Dante's parents had made into a small picnic area.

As they watched the girls make it to the gazebo, Dante's mother stood up and made Eden twirl in order to show off the dress she was wearing. The two men walked up to the group of them.

"Dante!" His mother called, seeing them arrive, "and you must be Gabriel."

Gabriel nodded as the smaller woman pulled him into an embrace. "It's so nice to meet the other half of Dante's other half." she grinned, her smile sincere.

"It's my honor, Luna Dahlia." Gabriel answered, smiling in return.

"Just call me Dahlia, or mom is fine." She answered, her smiling never fading.

"Gabriel!" A loud voice greeted, Alpha Zephyr making his way towards his mate.

"Nice to meet you, informally this time." Gabriel said, extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you as well." Zephyr answered, taking Gabriel's hand and pulling him into a hug.

Gabriel stood stunned, surprised that the Alpha of the largest pack of the Midwest was hugging him.

"Let me guess, they're different from the badass, strict leaders you've heard about?" Dante joked, noticing Gabriel's surprise. "We're not monsters you know."

Gabriel's face turned red from embarrassment from being called out on his beliefs. He struggled to find an answered as Dante grinned at him.

"Don't worry about it. We hear it all the time it doesn't even bother us anymore."

"Dante! Gabriel! You guys should come eat before Jezze and I eat it all!" Eden called, pulling her mates' attention to her.

The men called back their responses and started walking towards the gazebo.

"So, Gabriel, what can you tell us about how Eden was growing up?" Dahlia asked, as the men settled down with their food.

"Well, she was a handful. You see, the first time I met her, we ended up covering her pack kitchen with flour because she wanted to make cookies while, 'the big wolves talked'." Gabriel laughed, seeing his mate turn red. "Whatever happened to that talkative she-wolf with her protector fox. What was her name? Sunni?"

"Gabriel!" Eden yelped, not wanting her new family to know about her little, stuffed fox.

"You like foxes, Eden?" Dante asked, his eyes glittering with amusement.

"Maybe." she murmured, glaring at Gabriel.

Dante laughed as Jezze pulled her attention back to her.

How have I gotten so lucky. Gabriel thought, looking at his mate, her second half and his family. Nothing will ever ruin my happiness.

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