Angel's Coming

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Chapter 19

"I'm exhausted!" Eden exclaimed, falling backwards onto the large bed.

Dante and Gabriel rolled their eyes at her. It had been only ten minutes since they had arrived home after their brunch. The afternoon had lasted much longer than the three had anticipated, and by now the moon was high in the night sky.

"I guess if our mate is so tired we can't go for that midnight swim." Dante teased, taking his shoes off.

"The what?" Eden asked, instantly sitting upright.

"I thought you were exhausted!" Gabriel moaned, flopping on the bed next to her.

"I am." Eden grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest, "but I can still be curious."

"Jezze texted me on our way home and asked if you guys would be interested in going to the lake with a bunch of the members from other packs since everyone is going home tomorrow." Dante explained, poking his head out of the closet.

"Please can we go?" Eden whined, any trace of being tired gone from her system.

"Are you sure you're up for this?" Dante asked, looking at her intently.

Eden nodded and jumped off the bed walking past Dante into the closet.

"If anything it gives me an excuse to wear this new bikini!" she called, rooting through her clothes.

Dante and Gabriel laughed as Dante passed Gabriel a pair of swim trunks to wear.

Eden walked out of the closet wearing a dark green, strapless swimsuit that had lacing on the sides of the bottom and the top.

"That looks sexy." Dante complimented, his eyes roaming his mates body.

Eden blushed and just slid into the bathroom to find something to tie her hair up with.

"One day you'll get used to us complimenting you!" Gabriel called, him and Dante rolling their eyes at her.

Eden walked back out of the bathroom with the same sundress from earlier on. "I'm ready."

Dante nodded and led the way out of the door.

"The lake is only like a five minute walk behind the pack house."

Gabriel and Eden nodded and followed behind him on a well worn trail through the woods.

As the three walked in comfortable silence, they heard a loud noise behind them. As they turned to face it, the twins from the Harvest Moon Pack came crashing through the undergrowth, stopping as they came face to face with the three wolves.

"Hi!" They yelled in unison, "coming to the lake?"

Dante nodded and the twins took off again, yelling behind them, "See you soon!"

"I wish I had that kind of energy." Eden complained, staring at where the grass was still quaking from the twins.

"Let me help." Gabriel grinned, picking Eden up and running towards the lake.

"Put me down!" Eden squealed twisting in his grip.

"Put you down?" He asked, a glint in his eyes, as Dante caught up to them.

"Wait!" Eden yelled, as Gabriel threw her into the water.

Eden made a large splash as she hit the water, and the other wolves came over to say 'hi'.

As they talked Eden surfaced sputtering water and glaring towards Gabriel.

"Looks like your mate is upset, Gabriel." Jezze joked, catching Eden's eye, "You better be careful."

"She can't hurt me." Gabriel boasted, turning to look at Eden who was now soaking wet.

"I can though!" Dante called, shoving his other half into the water next to their mate.

"I thought we were on the same side!" Gabriel yelled, coughing up water as he surfaced.

"We were, but one of my mates is cuter than the other." Dante said, winking towards Eden causing her too blush.

Eden grinned and reached towards Dante's hand as she neared the shore. Dante reached down to help her out of the lake and she fell backwards pulling him with her.

"Now we're all wet!" Eden grinned, and dove under the water swimming away from the two men.

"That was so much fun!" Eden yelled as they prepared to head home.

"Yeah, it was." Gabriel agreed, smiling at her antics.
"Hey, Eden, can we talk? You deserve an apology, but I don't know if your mates will let me talk." Flynn's voice came from behind her.
Eden instantly bristled, but noticed the sincerity in his words. "I suppose that's alright, but they're not going far."
She turned and waved Gabriel and Dante away and watched as they walked about fifty feet away, and stood with their arms crossed, staring at their mate.
"I just wanted to apologize for how I acted with you. I really thought that I was going to find my mate here and this ball, and when I didn't I suppose I took my anger out on you. Especially since you were blessed with two mates and I haven't found mine." Flynn apologized, making eye contact the entire time.
Eden nodded at his words and turned to walk away.
"Wait, Eden." she stopped and faced him again, "Could we maybe try this again, you know, being friends?" he asked.
Eden stopped and studied him for a moment, trying to decide if he was being serious or just trying to trick her.
She slowly nodded. "We can, but until I trust you, my mates will always be with me when you're around."
Flynn smiled, "Thank you, Eden."
Eden nodded and walked away towards her mates.
Flynn watched her go, and then turned to the wolf that had walked up next to him.
"It wont take long now before we can get our revenge on her."

"What did he want?" Dante and Gabriel growled as Eden approached them.
"He asked if we could be friends. I told him we could try but until I trust him, my mates will be with me whenever he is around." Eden explained, linking arms with her mates.
"Can we just go home and worry about this another day?" she asked, smiling at them.
"Fine, let's go home."
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