Angel's Coming

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Chapter 21

"Are you sure this is what you want, Eden? Wouldn't combining the two packs cause a lot of issues?" Dante questioned, reaching out and placing his hand on his mate's shoulder.

"It might, but I'm willing to take the chance. If it will keep my future children safe, I will do whatever it takes, even if it is hard in the moment." Eden vowed, her eyes dark with her determination.

Dante shared a glance with Gabriel and smiled. "We will stand behind and support our mate." he told the Elders, lacing his fingers with Eden's.

Elder Blackwood and Elder Hunter shared a looked at nodded at each other. "Very well. Once Eden becomes the Luna of the New Moon Pack, we will combine the two packs under the new name of the Spirit Moon Pack."

Eden smiled and turned and hugged her mates, barely containing her excitement. "I can't wait to stand next to you two as the Alpha's and Luna of our pack!"

Gabriel and Dante hugged her in response, smiling at their excited mate.

"Now, you two men get out of here. We need to speak with the future Luna about what she wants to do for her ceremony, and we don't need you breathing down her neck." Elder Hunter said, smiling as the two men were ushered out of the house.

"I'll see you later!" Eden called from deep inside the house as the door closed.

Gabriel and Dante turned to each other. "What are we going to do now?" they asked, laughing as they asked each other at the exact same moment.

"Gabriel, Dante!" the two males turned at the voice calling out towards them.

Flynn was jogging towards them, Cassandra lagging behind him a bit.

"I'm so glad I caught you. We were supposed to be leaving, but I asked Alpha Ryder if I could stay. I know I did some terrible things, but I was wondering if maybe we could spend the day and work through it so that way we can start over?" Flynn asked, his eyes pleading with the males.

Gabriel and Dante shared a look, neither of them trusted the man, but since he had apologized to Eden they decided to give him a chance.

"Sure. Why is she here though?" Dante snapped, looking at Cassandra.

Ever since Cassandra had insulted Eden, even if she had meant it as a joke, Dante was very blunt with the she-wolf. Gabriel was okay with the younger girl because he had grown up around her, but he understood his partner's dislike with her.

"She has been helping me to understand that what I did was wrong. I know that she has been really close to Eden since they were children, and I wanted to have her help me apologize too Eden in the correct way." Flynn explained, smiling at the younger wolf as she walked up next to him.

"I see." Dante drawled, deep in thought, "I guess we can. What were you thinking of doing today?"

"I figured we could go get lunch or something today. Just talk and learn about each other. Especially if we are going to be Alphas together in the future." Flynn answered, pulling out his phone. "I can look up some good burger joints."

Gabriel shrugged as Dante looked at him, as if saying that it was up to him to decide.

"Sure." Dante agreed, looking back towards the younger male and female.

"Awesome, apparently there's a really good burger joint not that far from here. It's called Hermes Burgers, it has really good reviews, so we could go there." Flynn said, showing the other wolves his phone screen.

"Sure." Gabriel and Dante agreed, while Cassandra sighed from behind him.

"What's wrong?" Flynn asked, glancing towards her.

"I told you, I don't like burgers. I want a salad, I don't want to look all fat like the other she-wolves." Cassandra whined, her eyes wide and begging.

"Then order a salad from there." Flynn dead-panned, his patience starting to wear thin with the young girl.

"It's going to be my birthday soon! You can't even bring me somewhere I want for my birthday!" Cassandra wailed, sitting on the ground like a child throwing a tantrum.

"When's your birthday, Cassandra?" Dante asked, rolling his eyes at her antics.

"It's tomorrow." She huffed, trying to avoid the glares Flynn was sending towards her.

"Then have Flynn take you somewhere for your birthday tomorrow. It's not your birthday today so stop whining." Dante snarled, glowering at the girl.

"You guys are mean! I can't believe the Goddess gave you Eden. A girl like that deserves someone better, she can't even handle stress. I don't know why she gets to be the Luna and I'm stuck being a hunter." She whined, earning glares from Gabriel now.

"Is this the kind of wolves that live in your pack, Gabriel?" an older voice asked, from a new wolf that walked up.

The four wolves turned to face the newcomer and were shocked. Before them stood a wolf they had all only heard of from legends. He was a large male with pitch black hair and bright amber eyes. Dressed in all black leather, the younger male wolves knew exactly who he was.

"Alpha Hugh Arias. What brings us the pleasure?" Dante asked, bowing his head towards the older male.

"I had heard a newly double mated she-wolf was here, and I came to give my blessing. Might I ask where to find her?" Hugh asked, his voice low and deep.

"Right now she is meeting with the pack elders, but if you'd like to come with us you can wait until she's done. Gabriel and I are her mates." Dante answered.

"Sure, will you two take me and my mate to the Packhouse, we are tired and would like to be able to sit down." Alpha Hugh answered, as a smaller she-wolf with sparkling silver hair also dressed in black leather walked up.

"It would be our pleasure." Gabriel answered as he and Dante led the older wolves towards the Packhouse.

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