Angel's Coming

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Chapter 22

As the wolves arrived at the Packhouse, they noticed many of the Blue Moon Pack were waiting outside for their arrival.

"Alpha Hugh! Luna Amara! What brings us the pleasure of your visit?" Alpha Ryder greeted, shaking hands with the older male.

"The blessing of a newly double mated Luna has brought our attention. We brought Luna Eira our blessing when she was mated, and we wished to do the same with Luna Eden when they complete their mating ceremony." Alpha Hugh answered, firmly shaking the other Alpha's hand.

"Their ceremony isn't scheduled for a week though, Alpha. Is your pack going to be secure with you missing for a week?" Milan questioned from her spot behind Ryder.

"Yes, we trusted our pack to our son and his mate. Jacob and Cara are almost twenty-two and should be ready to take on the responsibilities of a Pack." Alpha Hugh answered, smiling at the Luna.

"We are honored to have you here. One of our hunters will show you to the room you may stay in while you are here, and we will fetch you when Eden returns if you are in your room." Milan offered, waving her hands towards a young sandy haired wolf.

"Hello, Alpha Hugh, Luna Amara. My name is Trevor, I will be here to assist you with whatever you need during your stay here." The young wolf greeted, leading the two older wolves into the Packhouse towards their room.

As the two older wolves were out of hearing range, Ryder turned towards Dante and Gabriel.

"Why the hell are they here?" He growled, glaring at the younger males.

Gabriel and Dante turned towards each other, stunned.

"How would we know?" Dante snapped, glaring back at Ryder.

"The last time they came to visit my pack, Lucian's wife died." Ryder snarled, Gabriel's breath catching in his throat.

"What do you mean, Ryder?" He asked, his eyes wide.

"Ryder! That is enough! Leave these two men alone, they have done nothing wrong." Milan yelled, walking up towards the three men. "

Ryder opened his mouth to say something back to his mate, but she silenced him with a glare and pointed inside. "Your son has been asking about you. Now go." She snarled, her voice cold.

Ryder looked back and forth between the younger males and his pissed off mate and nodded, disappearing inside.

"Gabriel, as hard as I know it will be, please try to ignore what he said. Ryder feels very strongly about his fellow Alpha, and he is quite expressive. One the visiting Alpha and Luna leaves, I will sit with you myself and explain what my mate meant with what he said. I promise." Milan promised, placing her hand on the males shoulder.

Gabriel nodded, feeling as though he wouldn't be able to use his words in any capacity.

Dante glanced towards Gabriel, a hollow feeling in his chest as he took in Gabriel's saddened green eyes. "How about we go see if Eden is done with the Elders?" he suggested, placing his hand on Gabriel's other shoulder.

"You can if you want, I think I'm just going to go lay down. I don't feel well and I'd like to rest." Gabriel mumbled, shrugging away from Dante and Milan and heading towards their room.

Dante stared at the males retreating back and sighed, wishing he could help the other part of his mate in some way.

"He will be okay. He was very close to his mother before she passed away, and he doesn't do very well when she gets brought up." Milan explained, her gaze also following the retreating male.

"I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my mother. She's such a strong presence that she keeps me grounded. I wish I could help him with this." Dante mumbled, turning towards Milan.

"I know, I wish I could help him too. Ryder wouldn't be able to handle Ivan if something were to happen to me. I have no idea how Lucian managed to keep an eye on Gabriel as well as keep up with his Beta responsibilities." Milan stated, starting to walk away. "You better fetch Eden from the Elders. Gabriel is going to need both of you."

Dante nodded at her retreating back and turned to go find his mate. On his way to the elders house, he found Eden already outside, instead of waiting for him however, it seemed as though she was arguing with someone.

"That's enough. It's not like I chose to be a Luna, its my birthright and I'm tired of listening to people saying I don't deserve it. I thought you were my friend and you were happy for me, but it turns out that you were only happy when you were more popular than me. That is enough, Cassandra. I will not tolerate this kind of disrespect from you." Eden snarled, causing Dante to pause.

"You will get my respect when you deserve it. So far you haven't done anything to deserve it." He heard Cassandra's reply.

"I might not have earned it yet, but I will. Now I know why you enjoyed being such close friends with me. You hate it if you aren't the center of attention, and I so easily broke your bubble by becoming the new Luna and the spotlight. So enough from you Cassandra. I don't want to hear anymore." Eden snapped, turning away.

Walking away she turned and walked face first into Dante's chest.

"Dante! Hi, how long have you been there?" She asked, her face red as she looked up to him.

"Long enough. How about we get home. Gabriel needs our support right now. We'll talk about how feisty you can get later." Dante said, winking causing her blush to grow darker.

She nodded and turned to follow him.

"Don't worry Gabriel, we're on our way to help."

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