Angel's Coming

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Chapter 23

Dante and Eden walked back towards their room in the Packhouse, and the entire time, Eden was quiet with worry.

Dante could hear her mumbling to herself under her breath, but he chose to not focus too hard on what she was saying.

"I don't have to be that worried, right?" She finally asked, turning to look at him.

"I don't know how much you know about Gabriel's past, but Ryder was extremely upset seeing Alpha Hugh and his mate. He claims that last time the pair visited, Gabriel's mother died and Ryder blames the other Alpha for her death. Gabriel seemed shocked by this news and he just wanted to be alone." Dante answered, staring at the ground.

Eden just grunted in response, but her hand reached for his as they walked back in silence.

Arriving at their room, they opened the door to find Gabriel sitting on the ground, his back against the bed. It looked as though he was curled around something hugging his knees to his chest.

"Gabriel? Are you okay?" Eden asked softly, walking over to sit next to him.

All Dante and Eden could hear in response were soft gasps that let them know that Gabriel was crying.

"Oh, Gabe," Eden cooed, sitting next to him wrapping her arms around him, "we're here now, you're not alone."

Dante wasn't sure what to do until Eden caught his gaze and looked towards Gabriel's other side. Catching onto her idea, Dante came to sit next to Gabriel and put his hand on his shoulder.

As both of his mates were supporting him, Gabriel started crying harder and leaned towards them for support. Eden and Dante sat with him through the night.

As the windows began to lighten with the first rays of dawn, Gabriel was able to catch his breath and calmed down some.

"What are you holding, Gabe?" Eden asked, finally noticing the square shape on his lap.

"It's a picture of my family." Gabriel answered, sitting up showing the two other wolves the photo in his lap.

In the picture was the scene of a picnic by one of the lakes on the Pack territory. What looked to be a younger Lucian and a child-like Gabriel were with a slender, dark skinned woman. She had black hair and stunning golden eyes.

"That's my mother, Mariah. This picture was taken probably a few weeks before she passed away." Gabriel said, a few lone tears falling on the glass.

"She's beautiful." Eden whispered, looking between the photo and Gabe. "I think we should get some sleep though."

Dante nodded, agreeing with Eden's suggestion, "It's been a long night, and I don't think that anyone will miss us come morning."

Gabriel nodded and allowed his mates to help him off the floor and into bed. With Eden crawling in between her two mates, the three fell asleep.

“Eden! Wake up!”

Eden woke up from Ryder yelling and pounding on her door.
“What do you want?” She moaned back, trying to bury her face in the pillows.
“Alpha Hughs and his Luna wish to meet you. It’s almost noon and no one has heard from you three all day.” Ryder snapped, anger seeping through his tone.
“Fine, we’ll get up.” Eden sighed, untangling herself from her mates and pulling herself out of bed. “Give is an hour and we’ll be down for lunch.”
Ryder scoffed and walked away, giving Eden the only answer she needed.
"Come on, you two. We've already made him upset, we better not give him another reason to be mad today." Eden grumbled, pulling the covers off her sleeping mates.
"Eden! Stop I was comfortable." Dante moaned, grabbing for the covers keeping his eyes shut.
"So was I, but sadly it's time our day started." Eden retorted, pulling the covers completely off of the bed.
The two male wolves groaned and rolled out of bed to get ready.
"Do we have any idea of what they're going to say to us?" Gabriel asked, toweling off his wet hair as he climbed out of the shower.
Eden just shrugged while Dante answered with an 'I don't know'.
"Cool, so first of all Alpha Ryder doesn't even like them, and now we don't even have any idea of what to expect from them." Gabriel sighed, tossing the towel onto the bed, "When did our lives get so exciting."
"At least they're only here until our mating ceremony and then they'll be leaving." Eden said, trying to ease any stress.
"One week is still a long time, little mate." Dante responded, laughing at her positivity.
"Better than a month!" Eden squealed, smiling at the two men. "Are we ready to go?"
Dante and Gabriel nodded and the three younger wolves headed out of the room towards the dining room.

"There they are! The three wolves we've been waiting for." Ryder greeted as they arrived in the dining room.
Eden blushed as all of the attention in the room was directed towards her and her mates.
As they walked towards the table, a large man dressed in black leather got up and made his way towards them.
"A pleasure to meet you, I'm Alpha Hugh Arias. My Luna Amara and I have come to give our blessing once you three have completed your mating ceremony." He greeted, holding his hand out to the smaller female.
"Very nice to meet you." Eden said, dipping her head in greeting and shaking his hand. "These are my mates, Gabriel and Dante."
Alpha Hugh turned to the younger men and smiled. "Make sure you protect this one at all costs. Mates are to be cherished." he said, shaking both of their hands as well.
As the wolves all sat to eat, they noticed the seat next to Alpha Hugh was empty.
"Where is your Luna, Alpha Hugh?" Eden asked, wondering where she might be.
"She...she wasn't feeling well so she retired to our room for the time being, I'm sure you'll all meet her later." He said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.
As wolves finished eating, the table slowly emptied until just Eden, her mates and Alpha Hugh were left.
"Alpha? May I ask something?" Eden questioned, her green eyes studying his face.
"Yes, Eden?" He asked, placing his fork down to look at her.
"Do I remind your Luna of someone? Is that why she left shortly after we arrived here?"
Alpha Hugh's eyes widened, and he softly smiled at the much younger wolf.
"Yes, and her name was Ebony."
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