Angel's Coming

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Chapter 24

"Ebony?" Eden asked, "Was she a family member?"

Alpha Hugh smiled at Eden's curiosity.

"No, Ebony was our mate. You see, I was also in a double mated pairing, except it was me and double Luna's. Luna Amara and Luna Ebony. Ebony and Amara had been best friends for their whole life, and when they both fell in love with me and found out they were both mated to me, it made their life complete. The three of us were inseparable and were the happiest mate pairing the Moon Goddess had ever made, that was until we lost our dear Ebony." Alpha Hugh explained, tears forming in his eyes.

"What happened to her?" Dante asked, holding Eden's hand as she reached for him.

"Our dear, sweet Ebony died in childbirth. She had a complicated one and she and her daughter, Ivory, didn't survive. Amara and I were a mess for years afterwards, that's why we didn't try for a child for so long after, and that's why we come give every double mated pair our blessing. No one should go through the heartbreak of losing your other half, especially in a bond as strong as a double mating." Alpha Hugh answered, his voice thick with emotion and unshed tears.

Eden felt her heart break for the older man. He had been through several types of pain when he lost his mate, and she wished she could help him.

Glancing at the younger wolves, Alpha Hugh stood up and pushed his chair back from the table. "If you don't mind me taking my leave, I'm going to spend time with my mate."

As he walked away, the three remaining wolves sat in silence as they finished their food.

"I never would've guessed Alpha Hugh was also double mated." Dante was the first to break the silence that had fallen over them.

"I thought it was rare to be double mated, but now that's one pairing for each of the last generations." Gabe added on, staring off lost in thought.

"Maybe there's just supposed to be one double mated per each generation. It would make sense that the Goddess would want it to be like that." Dante added, stacking the dirty dishes to make the table easier to clean off.

"I feel horrible for him. I couldn't imagine losing someone so important to me like that. You two drive me insane, but I couldn't imagine my life without you in it." Eden muttered, staring intently at the table.

"Hey now, cutie. We're not going anywhere, and yes, it is sad that they lost a part of their mating, but look at how strong they are now. It's obvious they will always miss her, but they've gone this long without her. They'll see her again when they join the Moon Goddess." Dante said, putting his arm around her and pulling him to his side. "It will all be okay, you'll see."

Eden just nodded her head and leaned into his side, seeking comfort at that moment.

"Did you have anything planned for today?" Gabriel asked, breaking the silence.

"I was just going to stop by Cassandra's to wish her a 'happy birthday'. I'm upset with her, but she was still my friend for many years, I don't want her to think that I forgot about her." Eden said, glancing up at him.

"How about we all get ready and go then." Gabriel smiled as the three made their way back to their room to get ready.

"Do you think she'll want to see me?" Eden asked, her voice quiet as the three walked towards Cassandra's house.

"I mean, like you said, you guys were friends for many years. One disagreement won't change the time you spend with each other. I'm sure it'll be fine." Dante reassured her as they neared her door.
Eden nodded and knocked on the door.
After a moment, the door opened to revel Cassandra.
"Happy birthday!" Eden said, smiling at her.
Cassandra's bright smile faltered as she saw who was at the door, "Eden! Oh, I'm so sorry for how I acted yesterday, I was just upset because I felt like you were moving onto a different part of your life and that you were going to forget me. I'm sorry, Eden. Forgive me?"
Eden's demeanor changed as she heard Cassandra's apology. "Of course! I'm sorry for how I acted, I should've realized how hard it would've been on you to feel like I was just moving on without you."
The two she-wolves smiled at each other and gave each other a hug.
"Now! Have you found your mate yet, Cass?" Eden asked, winking playfully at her friend.
"Not yet, would you three want to go to lunch in town and see if we can hunt him down?" Cass suggested, linking arms with Eden.
"Sure." Eden smiled at the younger she-wolf, however both Dante and Gabriel noticed it wasn't a completely genuine smile.
The two males walked behind the two she-wolves as they made their way into town. The wolves walked into one of the local restaurants and sat down at a booth.
"Hi! My name is Isiah and I'll be taking care of you today." the waiter introduced, "What can I get for you today?"
As he took their orders, he turned to Cassandra and his eyes widened.
The two wolves made eye contact and Cass hissed out the word, 'mate'.
"I'm Cassandra, and you're my mate." She introduced, unable to keep the disgust out of her voice.
"What's wrong?" Isiah asked, now saddened by the anger of his mate.
"You're no one important. You're just a hunter." Cassandra snarled.
"Cass, please. This isn't the time or place for this. The Goddess paired you two for a reason, please just try to meet and get to know him." Eden pleaded, her heart breaking for the poor man in front of them.
"No. This is the time. What's your last name?" She snapped at Eden and her mate.
"Odinson. Isiah Odinson." Isiah mumbled, knowing exactly what the next words out of her mouth were going to be.
"I, Cassandra Wight, reject you, Isiah Odinson as my mate." Cassandra snarled, her eyes dark.
"I, Isiah Odinson, accept your rejection." The poor male rushed off after finishing his sentence, and Cassandra turned back to the other wolves at her table.
"Maybe my second chance mate will be someone better." she said, completely unbothered.
Before Eden said anything, both Dante and Gabriel could feel her anger.
"You're no better than my mother!" Eden screamed, slamming her hands on the table as she stood up. "You're just focused on having a mate that has power and prestige. You couldn't give a damn on whether they're a nice person, or that you and them were meant to be together. I'm done with you Cassandra. I personally will never be friends with someone who so easily turns their back on their soulmate. I wish you the best, but from now on we are no longer friends."
Cassandra's face turned red with anger as she stared at the smaller wolf. "Don't you tell me how to live my life! It's easy for you having an Alpha and a Beta as your mate to boss around. You're just being fucking selfish. How are we to know that all three of you are actually mates? Maybe you're just faking it for the prestige that being a double-mated Luna gives you."
Eden, who had started to walk away, stopped dead in her tracks and turned around. Her green eyes were aflame as she stared at the blonde wolf. "How dare you. How dare you look at me and tell me that I'm faking the feelings I feel towards these two men. Both Dante and Gabriel are my mates, I love them more than life itself. The fact that you'd suggest that I'd fake it shows a lot more about your morals than it does mine. I would've loved my mate if they were a hunter, an Alpha, a Beta or even a rouge. Rank doesn't matter to me, Cassandra. It never has."
Cassandra's brown eyes were dark. "Keep telling yourself that, you whore."
Eden snarled at the younger female. "Disrespect your Luna like that again and you'll see what happens. You are not my friend, Cassandra, you've lost that privilege. From now on, I am your Luna and you are my hunter, keep that in mind."
Eden stormed out of the restaurant, with Dante and Gabriel hurrying to catch up.
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