Angel's Coming

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Chapter 25

"Eden! Wait up!" Gabriel and Dante were running to try to catch up with their pissed off mate. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the Elder's. We're having our mating ceremony tomorrow. I'm not technically Cassandra's Luna yet, and I'm not going to deal with any more disrespect from her. I will not tolerate it from anyone. Dante you need to speak with your father about merging the Packs. We're doing this all now." Eden turned to the males, tears in her eyes.

"Oh hun, I don't think we could pull it off tomorrow. How about we try for Saturday. It's Wednesday now, we have three days, we need to get family here and everything ready." Dante said, pulling her towards him into a hug.

"I just want people to respect me. I love you Dante, and I love you Gabriel. I don't want them to think we're just making this up. You two are my mates and I would never change that." She sighed, her voice cracking as she started to cry.

"Oh, Eden, we all know we're mates, isn't that enough? We love you also, little one. Nothing will ever change that." Gabriel added, coming to wrap his arms around her as well.

"It's just not fair, I don't know why people think that I lie all the time." Eden managed to choke out between her sobbing.

"It'll be okay, little mate. We'll figure this out and we'll get mated on Saturday, alright? Why don't you go talk to the Elder's, and Gabriel and I will go talk to Ryder and our family and get it all figured out, alright?" Dante said, kissing the top of her head.

"Okay." Eden sniffled, a slight smile on her face. "I'll see you guys later then." she added, rushing off towards the Elder's house.

"She really will be a wonderful Luna, won't she." Gabriel said, as the two men watched her retreating form.

"Yes, she will." Dante agreed, as then men went to face her adoptive father.

"What do you mean, Saturday! You had agreed on next week!" Ryder roared, glaring at the two men in front of him.

"It was her idea, Ryder. She wants to move it sooner." Dante said, staring at the raging wolf in front of him.
"I don't care! We had set a day and told everyone of that day!" Ryder snarled, throwing a book across his office.
"Are you really going to throw a tantrum, Ryder? This is your daughter's mating day, if she wants to move it sooner, then let her." Milan's calm voice caught Ryder's attention. The luna was sitting on the couch in his office seeming irritated by her mate's antics.
"Milan, don't you side with them." Ryder threatened.
"Or what?" she snarled, "I remember when we were young and in love and all you wanted to do was get mated." her voice soft.
Ryder's anger dissipated at her words, "I'm not ready to see her grow up, Milan. I still see her as that little girl making cookies with Gabriel in the kitchen in the aftermath of her fathers death." He sighed, slumping into his office chair.
"Look, Ryder. I'm not ready to see her grow up either, but look at these two men she has to help take care of her and help her lead. They wouldn't let anything happen to her." Milan said, coming to stand by her mate's side. "We need to support her in the decision she has decided to make."
Ryder let out one big sigh. "Very well. You two can reach out to your families and we'll let the other Alphas and Lunas know so they can be here for it."
Dante and Gabriel smiled at each other when they heard Ryder's words.
"Thank you!" They said in unison, leaving his office.
"I guess I'll go call my family to let them know." Dante said, as the office door closed behind him.
"I'll go find my father too." Gabriel said.

"This Saturday?" Elder Blackwood said, his eyes widening at the she-wolf in front of him.
"Yes." Eden said, skimming through a book in front of her.
"Miss Eden, I don't know if that's quite a good idea. It's supposed to be a new moon on Saturday and it's not a good omen to be mated on a new moon." Elder Blackwood said, looking through his library for a book.
"Why is that? And wouldn't it be a send off to my pack if I get mated on the night they are named after?" Eden asked, looking up from the book in front of her.
"It's rumored that any wolf that gets mated on a new moon that the Moon Goddess isn't watching the ceremony. Since the moon is dark its seen as though She herself isn't interested in the mating." Elder Blackwood explained.
"Would that make people feel as though we aren't fit to be a Luna or Alphas?" Eden asked, the elder having caught her attention.
"Not everyone, you just would have to make sure that every other ceremony you have is on a day that superstitious people would believe that the Moon Goddess is watching." He answered, sensing her anxiety.
Eden nodded, "I know where I want to hold the ceremony. Theres a field in the New Moon Territory that has night blooming flowers. I want to have it there."
Elder Blackwood nodded. "That sounds beautiful, Eden. The next couple of days are going to be extremely busy though, I have to warn you."
Eden nodded, "It's alright. I'm ready to put in the work that I need too."
"The first thing you need to do, and I would suggest doing it tonight, is asking the person you want to officiate to do so." Elder Blackwood added, "So you best get to your mates and all find someone you agree on having as your officiate."
Eden nodded and headed towards the door. "Thank you again, Elder. Goodnight!"
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