Angel's Coming

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Chapter 26

"What do you mean you want Alpha Arias to officiate? Are you fucking insane, Eden?" Gabriel screamed, glowering at the small woman in front of him.

"Don't you fucking yell at me, Gabriel. I want him to officiate because he was part of a double mating as well. I think it's only fair. Ryder will be walking me down the aisle, your father is busy with security, and Dante's family is in the audience!" Eden snarled in response, her eyes darkening.

Dante was sitting on the couch in the living room where the fight was taking place. He had chosen to sit out of the fight when the two parts of his pairing started arguing. Jezebel had sneaked into the room when she heard the fighting, and was now sitting next to him, soaking in every part of the argument.

"Dante! Tell her she's being unreasonable and that the man that caused my mother's death shouldn't be the one officiating our ceremony!" Gabriel turned the other male, looking for support.

Dante withered under the glare of both the male and female wolf in front of him. "I'm staying out of this. I'm not in the argument."

"Useless." Gabriel muttered, turning his back on the younger male.

"What did you call me!" Dante growled, having heard the man's insult.

As the, now three, wolves started arguing, Jezebel slipped out of the room on a mission.

As the yelling continued, one word stopped the three of them mid-sentence.


The three young wolves turned to see Alpha Hugh and his Luna present with Jezebel grinning behind them.

"What did you do, Jezze?" Dante asked, glaring at her.

"Figured if you guys want the truth, might as well just ask them. Then the entire Packhouse can get some peace and quiet because you three loudmouths won't be arguing anymore." she snipped, sitting down on the couch.

"That would be great actually. I hate fighting with these two." Eden conceded, slumping to the ground to lean against the coffee table.

Gabriel and Dante just grunted their acceptance and took their seats in the armchairs while Alpha Hugh and Luna Amara sat on the couch by Jezebel.

"There are a lot of reasons that Alpha Ryder doesn't like us all that much, the main reason being that he blames us for the death of Mariah." Alpha Hugh started, not making eye contact with Gabriel.

"Before my mate continues, I just want you to know that we have never killed anyone. Not one rouge, not one wolf, and that would be Ebony's work. She was a pacifist, and so we tried to follow her ways, so Hugh and myself have never killed anyone." Luna Amara interjected, before motioning for Hugh to continue with his story.

Alpha Hugh nodded in agreement with his Luna's words and continued, "It was eighteen years ago when we came to visit. That would have made Gabriel nine years old, and Eden you had just been born and Dante was still just a toddler as well. I doubt you remember much about the reason for our visit, if you remember any of our visit then at all, but we came to bless Alpha Elijah and Luna Amber after Eden's birth."

"You've met me before! I don't remember that at all." Eden interrupted, staring at the older wolf.

"We doubt you would have. You were still a newborn. I don't know if you remember, Gabriel, but your mother and father were in charge of escorting us and giving us a guard while we were on your territory." Alpha Hugh continued, ignoring Eden's interruption.

"I do remember them being extremely busy when you were around. That's about it." Gabriel grunted, wanting him to finish his story.

"As we were returning from the New Moon Territory, there used to be a neutral stretch of land between that and the Blue Moon Territory, and so it was in that small region that myself and Amara were attacked by rouges. Your mother and father were late to greeting us at the border, and we were outnumbered two to what had to have been around twenty rogues. By the time they arrived, both Amara and I were extremely wounded, my mate more so than I. The rouges seemed to know that if they killed her I would lose my will to fight as well. Your parents, Gabriel, saved us that day. Even though they were late, once they arrived they leapt right into the battle to save us. Mariah, the outstanding warrior she was managed to fight off the rouges and save Amara while your father and I chased off the rest of them. However, when the four of us returned, she demanded that Amara and I be treated first and she reassured us that she would be okay. Sadly, that wasn't the case." Alpha Hugh said, a few tears rolling down his face.

"So you mean if they weren't late everyone would've lived?" Gabriel questioned, staring at his shaking hands.

Alpha Hugh just nodded his head, glancing at the man in front of him.

"Then I'm the one who killed my mother, not you." Gabriel gasped, starting to cry.

"Gabriel that isn't true." Amara started, only to be cut off by the younger man.

"Yes, it is. I was the reason they were delayed getting to you. I was throwing a fit because they were leaving me again. My mom promised that we could take another trip as a family once they returned. I was the reason my mother died." Gabriel cried out, standing up and storming out of the room.

"I'm sorry." Amara said, her words falling flat in the company of Gabriel's grief.

Eden glanced at the older wolves and raced out of the room trying to catch up to her mate.


He ignored her as he exited the Packhouse, not even sparing her a glance behind himself.

"Gabriel! Stop!" Eden cried, running to catch up to him as he left the building.

Bursting outside, all she saw was the coat of his dark grey wolf disappearing into the woods. As her own tears fell, she turned around and walked back to the living room where the other wolves waited for her.

"He's going on a run." was the only explanation she gave as she slumped back onto the ground next to the chair Dante was sitting on.

"I'm sure he just needs time alone. Just make sure you two do whatever it takes to keep him from thinking that it's his fault that his mother died. I don't want him to let that weigh him down the rest of his life." Alpha Hugh said, standing and offering his hand to his Luna, "If you don't mind, we're going to retire to our room."

Eden just nodded in response and leaned her head into Dante's leg, "I wish he would let us help."

"I'm sure he will, Little One. Don't forget this is all new to him as well." Dante reassured her, "Now why don't we go relax as well?"

"You two go do that, I'm going to go see if I can find someone else to entertain me if you're just gonna sleep. Love you guys." Jezebel commented, giving them a hug as she exited the room.

"I completely forgot to ask Alpha Hugh if he would officiate." Eden commented as the two were walking back to their room.

"I'm sure you can ask him later. We don't even know if Gabriel would be alright with him doing so." Dante said, opening the door to their room.

"I guess. I'm gonna take a bath, would you mind going to look for Gabriel? I know you said you wanted to relax, but I'm worried about him." Eden called as she walked into the bathroom.

"I'll go find him, you just relax. Don't forget, Eden, we both love you." Dante responded as she shut the bathroom door.

'Now where have you gotten off too' Dante wondered as he left to go find his mate.

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