Angel's Coming

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Chapter 3

Amber backed away from the angry male in front of her, and turned to her daughter. "Let's leave, Eden, we don't need to be here, I know somewhere we can go."

Eden looked at her mom, confused. "Why we would go? Isn't Daddy's friend going to take care of us?" She asked, turning to look at Ryder.

"No, He doesn't like us baby, he wants us gone. I have a friend who will take care of us. He's also an Alpha and he'll take us into his pack baby." Amber pleaded, grabbing her daughter's hands.

"But Mama, I don't wanna make Daddy upset if he's still watching us." Eden pleaded, her eyes tearing up again.

"Dammit, Eden. Listen to your mother. We're leaving and that's that." Amber screamed, yanking on Eden's arm.

"Mama! That hurts!" Eden screamed, pulling away form her mother.

"Amber! What are you doing? Elijah's wish was for his friend to take care of you and Eden." Elder Blackwood yelled, watching the she-wolf go insane.

"This pack never wanted me anyways, you were always going behind my back and making your own plans. Keep the brat then, see if I care, I'll go somewhere that I am appreciated." Amber snarled, almost throwing Eden at the Elder and Alpha, and stormed off, leaving Eden confused.

"Mama! Come back please! Don't go! I can't lose you too!" Eden cried, trying to follow her mother.

Alpha Ryder grabbed Eden and pulled her to him into a hug.

"Let me go! Let me go to my mother!" Eden screamed, tears falling freely now.

"Eden, look at me dear. I can't let you go to her, I can't risk her hurting you or worse. You will be safe here, and you want to make sure your daddy doesn't worry about you right? If you stay here at least your parents will know your safe right?" Alpha Ryder explained, holding onto the small girl.

Eden gave no answer, instead falling to the ground in tears, in pain that her father and mother had left her in the span of days.

"Elder, please look after her, I need to go address the new pack now." Ryder said, putting the girls protection into the older wolf's hands.

Alpha Ryder walked into the meeting room and found hundred's of eyes trained on him. The New Moon Pack was one of the largest on the west coast, and it certainly showed in the amount in the pack house.

Stepping onto the stage, Ryder was faced with many distraught faces.

"New Moon Pack, I am Alpha Ryder Channing of the Blue Moon Pack. Your late Alpha Elijah came to me a few months ago with a document that I have here. He came to me with a worry that something might happen to his beloved pack. In this document that was witnessed by three pack Elder's he asked me to take charge and protect his pack until his daughter, Eden, was old enough to do it herself. I know that these last couple of days have been extremely difficult and a lot of change has happened, but I wanted to offer you the chances to speak your grievances. I plan to stay in my pack, and leave my Beta here to assist your Beta with running the pack." Ryder spoke, offering the grieving pack the respect they deserved.

A woman in the front row called out a question. "Where is Luna Amber? Shouldn't she be here to lead while you're gone?"

"Traditionally yes, that would be the case, however, your Luna has left. She said that she had a friend who was an Alpha of a different pack, and that he would welcome her the way you guys never showed her." Ryder explained, not hiding anything from the pack in front of him.

"She didn't take Eden did she?"

"I knew she was nothing but trouble!"

"I told Elijah he shouldn't have a pup with her!"

Angry taunts rose from the crowd and Ryder raised his hand to silence them.

"No, Amber did not bring Eden with her, Eden is currently sitting with your Elder while I am here. However, until the Elder's remove her right, Amber is still your Luna and deserves your respect as such." Ryder snapped, upset with how quickly the pack turned on the widowed woman.

As Ryder spoke, he heard grumbles throughout the crowd in front of him.

"Until we find more about why Amber left, we will continue to show her the respect you did before Elijah's unfortunate passing. And even though I may be the acting Alpha of your pack, that doesn't mean you don't have a voice anymore. You are still the New Moon Pack, and I am just the assistant from the Blue Moon Pack." Alpha Ryder finished his speech and was met by a dark blond haired man.

"I'm Kayo, I was Alpha Elijah's Beta while he was here. I thought I had better introduce myself to you since I'll be helping your Beta." Kayo stated, shaking hands with the darker haired man.

"Nice to meet you, Kayo, I heard a lot about you from Elijah while he was still with us." Ryder greeted, instantly liking the calm Beta.

"My Beta should be here within the hour and we can get set up." Ryder responded, looking for the Elder and Eden.

"Here, I'll have my Epsilon show you where they Elder stays." Kayo said, waving towards a dark haired man who walked over.

"Nice to meet you Alpha Ryder, I'm Liam the Epsilon." He greeted, shaking the Alpha's hand, "Let me show you around."

Alpha Ryder realized while meeting two of the higher ranked wolves why the New Moon Pack was so large and welcoming. With wolves like these, why wouldn't they be?

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