Angel's Coming

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Chapter 4

"Hello, Alpha Ryder." Elder Blackwood greeted, turning to the man who was led into his house.

Liam turned to the Alpha and nodded, taking his leave. As Liam walked away, Ryder turned to see Eden sitting at the Elder's table, seemingly staring into space.

Elder Blackwood followed his gaze and stepped closer to the Alpha, whispering into his ear, "She'll be okay. She just lost both of her parents in one day. She's just going through shock right now."

"So how does this work, Elder?" Ryder asked, tearing his gaze away from the girl, "How does me being in charge of both packs make sense?"

"Since late Alpha Elijah left the care of this pack to you until Eden comes of age to be the Luna for her pack, that is exactly what will happen. Nothing changes, you will just be acting Alpha for this pack, and so your word is what goes." he answered, turning towards his bookshelf, seeming to look for one.

"Since you said you wish for your Beta to assist with the New Moon's current beta, there is no ceremony to be performed. However, when Eden comes of age, there will be a ceremony we have to preform in order to make sure the leadership is appropriately passed." Blackwood said, scanning the pages of his book, "It's called the Passing of Moons."

Looking up to see the Alpha's reaction, someone knocked on the door and it was opened to show a large, dark haired wolf with a younger, almost mirror image wolf behind him.

"Ah, Lucian, Gabriel." Ryder spoke, giving the unknown wolf a hug and nodding to the younger one.

"This is my Beta, Elder. He is my best friend, and this is his son Gabriel."

Lucian looked at the older wolf and bowed his head. "It's a privilege to meet you Elder, I have head a lot about what you have done for all of the packs."

Gabriel echoed his father's greeting, his voice was low and sweet, and as he spoke, his dark eyes turned towards the kitchen table where Eden sat.

"Who are you, sweetie?" He asked, walking into the kitchen.

"I'm Eden." She answered, her green eyes wide staring at the large man in front of her.

"How old are you sweetie?" Gabriel asked, crouching to be the same height as her.

"I'm seven! How old are you?" Eden squeaked, holding onto her stuffed fox.

"I'm sixteen." Gabriel responded, turning his attention to the fox, "Who's this?"

"This is Sunni, she's my protector." Eden answered, starting to explain about her stuffed animal to him.

As the younger wolves spoke, Lucian, Ryder and Elder Blackwood walked away to discuss what was needed.

"So Lucian, you will be helping to lead this pack with the help of Beta Kayo, who was Alpha Elijah's beta. I will be staying at home with our pack and my Luna and we trust you will do the beset you can to do to lead this pack the same way Elijah would have." Ryder explained to Lucian.

"What about Elijah's Luna?" Lucian asked, remembering having seen a redheaded woman with him before.

"She left." Elder Blackwood answered him blankly, "We don't know where too, and since you have now taken leadership of this pack, she is no longer this pack's Luna. Luna Milan, Alpha Ryder's mate is now the New Moon Pack's Luna."

Ryder was surprised with the lack of emotion towards the past Luna, as well as the fact that he knew who his mate was.

"Elder, what were to happen if Alpha Ryder were to have a son while he is acting leader of this pack. Pack law's state that either the firstborn son or the firstborn child of the Alpha starts to lead the pack. Even though Eden is Elijah's only child, he isn't the current Alpha of the pack." Lucian asked, deep in thought.

"I believe that since Elijah's last wishes were for him to help lead this pack until she comes of age, the idea was that Eden would become the Luna of this pack, mate or not. Even though you are correct in the idea that Ryder's child may or may not be the child of the current Alpha, this is still Eden's birthright and her pack." Elder Blackwood said, rubbing his neck in thought, "However, I will have to read through the laws as well as Elijah's will to make sure that nothing is missed."

Ryder nodded, quickly flicking his head to the side as a loud crashing sound was heard. The three males rushed towards the sound, and came upon Gabriel and Eden covered in flour in the middle of the floor. Eden was laughing and it was the first time Ryder saw her as the energetic pup he had met years ago.

"What happened?" Ryder demanded, spotting the grins the children were trying to hide, "We were trying to keep Eden out of trouble, Gabe, not get her into it."

"It's not his fault, Daddy! I made him grab it. I wanted to make cookies!" Eden whined, tugging at Ryder's shirt.

Ryder's eyes widened, Eden seemed oblivious to what she had called the Alpha, and he looked at the other full grown wolves in shock.

"Eden, sweetie, did you just call me Daddy?" Ryder asked, bending down to pick her up.

"I mean, I know you're not my real Daddy silly, I just know that you'll look after me like mine did. He obviously trusted you to let me be this close to you, he didn't like that many people." Eden answered, happily playing with his black hair.

"Of course, Eden, now how about we get Rayna or someone who knows how to cook to come help us." Ryder said, setting her down and letting her rush off to find help.

"Dad, I feel really bad for her." Gabriel said, turning to his father, "She's gone through so much for being so young. I really hope she ends up okay."

Lucian nodded, ruffling his son's hair, "It'll be rough, but with the right support, I think she'll turn out right. Once she finds her mate especially, she will be a strong wolf."

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