Angel's Coming

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Chapter 5

“Dad! I don’t wanna go to school, can’t I have an early birthday present?” Eden whined, looking at Ryder who was trying to hide his amusement.

“No, you have three months left in school, you can afford to go this one day, It’s not going to kill you.” Ryder smirked, laughing at her.

“You’re no fun, Uncle Lucian would’ve let me stay home.” Eden bargained, hoping the beta would be on her side.

“Only because it was a Friday and you only have one class anyways, Eden.” Lucian responded, walking in at the worst time, his son and Kayo behind him.

“You’re ruining my fun too! None of you want me to enjoy my birthday!” Eden whined, drastically throwing her arms in the air, “I guess if you want me to suffer, I will drag myself through this hell to please you.”

“Calm down Eden, I’m picking you up from school anyways, we’re gonna go bowling for your birthday.” Gabriel said, drawing her attention like always.

Even though Gabriel was nine years older than her, Eden always found him extremely attractive. He had dark black hair and hazel eyes that she had found shine in a mischievous light more than anyone’s should be allowed too. He towered over her 5′3" frame standing at 6′, and he never let her live down her height. He always said that she was so mad because her anger was squished into a tiny body.

Throughout the ten years since her families death, Eden had grown and matured in her own way as well. Emotionally, she had recovered from the death of her father, however she still hated Amber for leaving her. She had matured into a woman with thick curves and long, dark red hair that made her green eyes sparkle like emeralds.

At her high school, she had boys always vying for her attention, but she always turned them down. Determined to be the opposite of her mother, she wanted to wait for her mate, and then once she knew who he was, she wanted to be loyal for life to him and her future family. She wasn’t going to be the soft-willed, easy she-wolf who would spread her legs for anyone, and instead she would be the warrior Luna she knew she could be.

When Eden had turned sixteen, Ryder, Lucian and Elder Blackwood had told her what her birthright was, and what her role would be in the future. She had accepted with no hesitation, and since then she had been training everyday.

Now, only three days away from her eighteenth birthday, she was preparing for the biggest change in her life possible. Since the death of her father, Ryder had been doing his best to maintain the peace the New Moon Pack had held with treaties, however, many of them were lost. Many alpha’s believed that Ryder had taken advantage of Elijah’s death, and they were hesitant to stay in a treaty. Eden first wish as a Luna was to restore as many treaties as possible, as well as to forge new relationships.

“Eden, you’re going to be late if you keep nursing that piece of toast you’ve been holding for the last five minutes.” Ryder scolded, shaking his head at the she-wolf.

“Fine, I’m going, I’m going.” Eden muttered, finishing the jam covered toast and rushing out the door.

As she rushed out the door, she heard the wolves laughing at her tendency to be late.

Arriving at the high school, she was instantly tackled by a wolf.

“Good morning to you too, Cass. However, next time I’d appreciate if I was allowed to hold onto my things?” Eden smirked, laughing at Cassandra’s pouty face.

“Not my fault you aren’t a morning person.” she defended, crossing her arms at her.

“I guess, I’m also just not a school person.” Eden defended, following Cass into the school.

Cassandra was Eden’s best friend, even though she seemed to be the opposite of her. Where Eden was small and curvaceous, Cassandra was tall and elf-like. Cassandra was also extremely talkative and popular and loved partying, while Eden liked more low-key types of kick-backs with only a few people.

"You're an 'anything but what's fun' kind of person." Cass joked, nudging Eden's shoulder.

"I suppose." Eden responded, smiling.

Throughout her school, Eden was well known. She wasn't a favorite, or an outcast, but just an everyday person. She liked this because she always worried that other's would treat her or want to be her friend more just because of what her status was. No one except for the faculty knew that she was late Elijah's daughter, and she preferred it that way.

As the bell rang, Eden looked at Cassandra and groaned, trudging to her first class, chemistry, after waving goodbye to the brunette.

Walking into her first class, Eden bumped into Blythe, the head cheerleader, and one of the very few people that disliked Eden. Eden and her had been friends in middle school, until someone spread a rumor that Blythe had cheated on a test, and blamed it on Eden for spilling the secret. Since then, Blythe thought that Eden hated her and responded in kind.

"Watch where you're going, Eden." Blythe snarled, swinging her head around so quickly that her hair whipped Eden on her way to her desk.

Looking towards the front of the room, Eden noticed that there were instructions listed on the whiteboard.

"Today we're going to be doing a lab, and so, everyone needs to partner up!" The teacher sang, from where she was sitting behind her desk.

The class groaned, not wanting to have to go out of the comfort zone.

"But don't you worry! I've assigned partners, you should see names on the front of the lab tables so find yours and you'll see who your partner is!" Mrs. Galovich added, as happy as a clam to see the upset teenagers grumble around.

Eden sighed, picking up her bag and wandering around the room until she found where her name was. Not bothering to look at the name next to her seat, she figured she'd just wait until her partner showed up to see who it was.

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