Angel's Coming

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Chapter 6

"Hey, I guess I'm your partner."

Eden glanced up startled and came face to face with amber-like, brown eyes.

"Oh, yeah, I guess you are." Eden responded, trying not to stare at the boy in front of her.

"I'm Asher," He greeted, pulling out the seat next to her, "and you are?"

"Eden. I haven't seen you here before." She responded, pulling out her chemistry book.

"That would be because I just moved here." Asher responded, smirking at the girl beside him.

"That would do it." Eden responded, smiling at him in return.

"I guess we should get started on this." Asher said, glancing at the chemistry lab in front of them.

"I guess so." Eden responded.

After working on the lab for the entires class, Asher and Eden had exchanged numbers in order to keep in touch. Struggling throughout the day, Eden finally made it to the end of her own personal hell called high school. Waiting out front of the school for Gabriel, she heard some of the girls next to her talking.

"Who do you think is going to be the Alpha of this pack, I mean, Alpha Ryder can't run two packs for his entire life can he? His son is only 9 years old as well, so he wouldn't be able to run it." A blonde questioned, looking around her group of friends.

"I don't know, maybe the elder's are looking for someone who can take care of the pack, a current Alpha's son or something." One of her friends responded.

Eden glanced towards them, wondering how they would react when she turned eighteen and she became the Luna and acting Alpha of her pack, until she found her mate.

Lost in thought, Eden didn't notice Gabriel pulling up until she heard the girls next to her talking again, this time more animated.

"Who's he?"

"He's super hot!"

Eden looked up to see who they were talking too and saw Gabriel waving to her while leaning out of his car window.

Standing up, the group of girls next to her turned their attention to her, and again more whispers started.

"Eden is with someone that hot?"

"I wonder if he has a brother she could hook me up with."

Smiling to herself, Eden got into the car next to him and they took off towards the ice cream parlor across town.

"How was school?" Gabriel asked, making small talk as he drove.

"It was good, what's wrong?" Eden asked, noticing how Gabriel gripped the steering wheel, his fingers as white as bone.

"I'll explain when we get ice cream, okay?" Gabriel answered, seeming to end all conversation that would have normally taken place in the car during their drives.

"Okay?" Eden answered, confused about his curt responses. Since she felt like she wasn't going to be able to get any other sort of information from him, she chose to lean her head and look out the window. After awhile the quiet got to her, and she turned on the radio to listen to music while awaiting whatever news Gabriel had to share with her.

As they arrived at the ice cream parlor, Eden happened to notice a dark blue truck sitting outside.

"Isn't that your dads car?" she asked, turning to face the man beside her.

"Yeah, it is. Like I said, we have stuff to talk about, and they need to be here for it." Gabriel responded, getting out of the car.

"They?" Eden asked, noticing Alpha Ryder as well as Elder Blackwood and Elder Hunter also exiting the truck, "Oh."

"Hello, Eden! How was your day?" Ryder asked, his face showing the same signs of stress that Gabriel was unsuccessfully hiding from her.

"Good, I will say I am a little confused as to why you are all here though. I thought just Gabriel and I were grabbing ice cream, not the entire family." Eden responded as they all went inside.

"If we didn't have to be here, we wouldn't, trust us, Eden." Lucian responded, walking towards where the line started for ice cream, "I suggest you order before we tell you what we came here to share however."

Eden looked at the men surrounding her dumfounded. 'What could they possibly mean to tell me' she thought, her mind racing as she stood behind the taller men. Standing in line, she noticed that Gabriel looked lost in thought, his eyebrow's creased as he stared at the ground, glaring at it as though it had done him some wrong.

"Keep looking at the ground like that, and you'll burn a hole through it." Eden joked, poking his side.

Gabriel quickly looked up, and stared at her, only grunting an agreement before looking back at the ground.

Ordering her ice cream, she followed the men to where they chose to sit. A booth towards the back of the parlor where no one would be close enough to hear what they were discussing. As she dug into her chocolate fudge ice cream, Elder Blackwood looked at her.

"I see no reason to delay this any longer, Eden. You know that when you turn eighteen, you are the leader of this pack because of your father's word, correct?" He asked, as she looked at him.

Eden nodded in response, wondering what her bloodline had to do with this discussion, and kept eating her ice cream.

"The other Elder's and I have been going through the laws however, and we found something that might change this. A pack cannot be lead by a single Luna, except for in the cases of the Alpha's death or his exile. Since you weren't your father's Luna, and are his heir instead, you cannot lead this pack without your mate." Elder Blackwood explained, waiting to see the girl's reaction.

Eden's eyes grew large as she understood what she was being told. "So you mean I can't be in charge of my pack until I am with my mate?"

"Precisely, which is why Milan and I have been planning a ball on your eighteenth birthday. All of the neighboring packs have been invited to bring their wolves, and we can only hope that your mate is one of them. The sooner we find him the better. Milan and I will still be here to help guide you guys as long as is needed." Ryder responded, looking sympathetic towards her dilemma.

'Not only am I going to be shifting for the first time, but I also have to find my mate that same night! Happy eighteenth to me I guess.'

Eden stared at the men, wide-eyed, and scared.

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