Angel's Coming

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Chapter 7

"We have two days to prepare for this ball, Eden. We will be holding it at my pack's pack house. Milan and Rayna will be helping you to get ready for it." Lucian said, noting the wide-eyed look the girl was giving him.

"Only two?" Eden asked, almost choking on her ice cream as she stared at the men.

"Yes, it will have to be on your eighteenth birthday. You have to find your mate then, or else the Elder's will vote on who will be leading the pack." Ryder said, not meeting her gaze in response.
"What! They can't do that, I am Elijah Lowell's daughter, I am the heir of his pack!" Eden yelled, slamming her hands on the table and standing up.
"They can, and they will Eden. Elder Blackwood explained how the pack has to be led since you aren't your father's Luna. If you don't find your mate, they will consider your birthright void, and you will be nothing more than a warrior or a possible Luna, the same as every other she-wolf." Ryder responded, motioning for her to sit down.
Eden looked stunned, looking from man to man, seeing how serious and drawn their faces were, she realized the severity of the situation.
"What do I need to do then?" she asked, "I'll do anything to be a good Luna for this pack."
"You just have to find your mate, Eden. There isn't really anything else you can do. Milan has sent out invitations, Rayna and her have prepared the pack house for it, they just need you to be willing and ready for this." Ryder explained, putting his hand on his surrogate daughter's shoulder.
"Ryder, can I have the next two days of school off. If I'm going to prepare for this, I want to be completely prepared, etiquette and everything." Eden responded, her green eyes meeting his dark brown eyes.
"Very well, just until after this ball, then we will discuss what else must be done." Ryder responded, smiling slightly at the determined girl in front of him.
Eden followed the men as they left the ice cream parlor, and climbed into Gabriel's car.
"We're gonna go back to your place so that way you can pack up. We will be spending the weekend in Ryder's territory so you will need to pack for that." He explained, starting the car and pulling out behind his father and his Alpha.
Eden just nodded, too anxious about the weekend to give a full response.
Arriving at the house, Eden walked upstairs and just stared at her room. Shaking her head and pulling herself together she grabbed a bag and started packing what she would need for the weekend.
As she packed, she heard her phone go off. Turning to look at who was calling her, she saw Cass's name on the screen.
"Hey, girl!" Cass greeted, full of enthusiasm, "What are you doing this weekend? Caleb invited us to his party."
"I'm going to be out of town this weekend, I have something I have to attend too with Ryder and his family." Eden answered, putting the phone on speaker and dropping it on her bed while she continued packing.
"Boring! When will you be back?" Cass asked, nothing being able to stop how happy she is.
"Not sure, I'll let you know however." Eden answered, zipping up her bag.
"Alright, love you girl!" Cass called, hanging up, leaving Eden in silence.
Eden walked downstairs, seeing Lucian, Gabriel and Ryder all packed and ready to go.
"Sorry, were you waiting for me?" she asked, setting her bag down.
"Yes, but we figured we'd give you all the time you needed to get ready. If you're ready, we'll get on the road however." Ryder responded, picking up his bag.
Eden nodded and followed the three men out of the house. Turning around, she looked at her house, the one she may be leaving soon depending on what happens on her birthday on Saturday.
"I can do this." She whispered to herself, putting her bag in the trunk of Ryder's car and sitting in the backseat.
"Don't you want shotgun?" Ryder asked, Lucian also looking at her expectantly.
"No, I wanna sleep. So I'll just lay down back here." Eden answered, buckling her seat belt and laying down across the back seat.
"Here, Eden." Lucian said, handing her his jacket as a pillow.
Eden nodded her thanks and balled up the jacket under her head and fell asleep.
"Eden, hey, it's time to wake up."
Eden woke up to Gabriel hovering over her and shaking her shoulder.
She groaned and turned away from him, pulling the jacket over her eyes.
"Go away."
Gabriel laughed, shaking her again. "Come on, it's time for you to meet my pack."
"I'll meet them later, let me sleep." Eden whined, turning to face him.
"No can do, Eden, You said you wanted to learn so let's learn." Gabriel said, pulling her out of the car and carrying her towards the pack house.
Eden just moaned and snuggled into Gabriel's warmth against the cold air.
Setting her down, Gabriel turned to introduce the sleepy she-wolf to an older she-wolf.
"Hello, Eden. I'm Milan, Ryder's mate." She introduced before Gabriel could.
Eden looked at her, taking in her long dark hair and her distinctly native American features. The more Eden looked, she realized how beautiful the she-wolf was.
"Nice to meet you." Eden replied, shock widening her eyes as Milan pulled her into a hug.
"I've heard so much about you from Ryder, and a picture doesn't compare to how you are in person." Milan said, a tear in her eye, "I wish I had a daughter instead of a son."
"You don't meant that do you?" Eden gasped, staring at the woman.
"No, of course not, I love my son. I just wish I had a little doll I had to dress up, but I have you now!" Milan yelled, clapping her hands in joy. "Now lets go get you ready!"
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