Angel's Coming

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Chapter 8

"Get me ready? We still have two days before the ball." Eden gasped as Milan drug her down the hall towards what was assumed to be her bedroom.

"We have to do a test run, silly. We can't have the ball being the only day we actually have you try on your stuff!" Milan retorted, shutting the door behind them.

As Eden turned to the inside of the room, she say the largest room she had seen in awhile. It was blue and gold in color with a large four poster bed with a walk in closet and master bathroom on the left.

"This is Ryder's and I's room. Were gonna be in the bathroom. Go get yourself situated and I'm going to grab Rayna and we'll be right back." Milan said, rushing back out the door.

Eden wandered around the room first, seeing how nice the comforter was, and looking at the French balcony by the side of the room. Looking at the view, she noticed that the porch overlooked a large rose garden. Walking into the bathroom, she was surprised by the large marble room with a claw foot bath tub. Sitting down on the toilet, Eden waited for the Luna and Beta she-wolves to return.

Hearing their voices near, Eden looked towards the door. Rayna and Milan entered the room, and squealed. Eden smiled at the two women and they turned on some music and got to work.

What felt like hours later, the two women finally stepped away from her hair and makeup and grinned.

"You look beautiful, Eden. You're so grown up from that little girl you used to be." Rayna gasped, a tear coming to her eye.

"Thanks, Rayna. Can I see now what I look like?" Eden asked, wanting to face the mirror.

"Of course." Milan answered, moving out of her way.

Turning around, Eden was met with a look unlike herself. She had dark green eyeshadow on with dark eyeliner that made her emerald eyes sparkle. Her hair was made up into intricate braids that had parts that were braided to look like flowers with with gemstones inside that glittered every time she moved.

"This is beautiful." Eden said, her hand flying to her mouth as she looked at herself.

"Tomorrow we will go dress shopping and find your dress before Saturday. You know how to dance right?" Milan asked, getting back to business.

"Yeah, I took ballroom in school." Eden answered, as Rayna started taking out the intricate hair style.

"Good, then you're done for today! Go explore and learn the pack house. Once its full of people you're gonna get lost." Milan said, wiping away the makeup.

Once Eden had the work undone, so everyone would be surprised on Saturday, she started downstairs. Milan and Rayna had offered to show her around first, but she was determined to do it on her own.

After wandering around for about twenty minutes, Eden finally figured out how to get from Ryder's room to the main hall. She smelled food, and followed that to the kitchen.

"Can I help you?" an elderly woman asked, her back to the door as she looked at the stove.

"I smelled food, and I guess my stomach led me here." Eden answered, taking a seat at the bar.

"You sound like every guy ever." The woman laughed, opening the fridge and tossing her a sandwich.

"Thank you, what's your name?" Eden asked, unwrapping the sandwich.

"I'm Tiana. I'm the Alpha's mother." Tiana responded, smiling at Eden as she closed the fridge and went back to cooking.

"Nice to meet you." Eden said, stuffing her face full of sandwich.

Tiana accepted her greeting with a flip of her hand, and went back to cooking. As Eden ate her sandwich, she heard a ruckus which she assumed was the pack returning for lunch.

"Are they always this loud?" Eden asked Tiana, finishing her sandwich.

"Every day. I always wonder why I wanted kids when I hear how loud they get as they grow old." Tiana joked, a twinkle in her pale brown eyes.

Eden smiled and thanked Tiana walking out of the kitchen. She was heading towards where the sound was coming from and found Ryder and Lucian with what looked to be the entire pack.

"Oh! Eden, perfect, we were just talking about you." Ryder said, walking over towards her. "This is the Blue Moon Pack." he greeted, showing her off to the pack members.

Eden softly smiled, waving at the many wolves in front of her. Ryder turned to face just her.

"Don't worry, I've told them everything about what's going on. It'll be no surprise to them. Tomorrow, however, guests are going to start arriving for the ball on Saturday." Ryder explained, as Eden's eyes grew wide.

"Tomorrow? You mean there's going to be a bunch of Alphas and Lunas here?" Eden gasped.

"Yes. We are going to have the ball that evening though. Most wolves shift at midnight on their birthday, so tomorrow night you'll need to be ready to shift. Rayna and Milan said they'd accompany you, since normally your mother is the one who goes with you for your first shift." Ryder explained, running his hands threw his hair, "I hope to the Goddess that you find your mate on Saturday, or else people are going to be throwing their sons at your pack to lead it."

Eden looked at him in shock.

"Don't worry, Eden, if you don't find your mate, I will make sure that someone from my pack is in charge until you do. I will not let some undeserving pack take what is important to you away from you." Ryder promised, pulling the shaken girl into a hug.

"Thank you." Eden whispered, sinking into his arms, "I'm just so nervous."

"You'll be okay. Mate or no mate, we will make this work, the New Moon Pack will survive."

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