Angel's Coming

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Chapter 9

After Eden heard the news from Ryder, she made her way to her room exhausted. Crawling into her bed, she quickly fell asleep.

Eden awoken in a dark forest with the moon bright overhead. Looking around, she found that a large dark wolf was sitting nearby.

The closer she looked, she realized that the trees seemed to shimmer like an illusion, and the wolf was walking towards her.

Even though the wolf was humungous and seemed to dwarf her small frame, she was afraid of the large predator in front of her.

"Are you my mate? Why am I seeing you?" Eden wondered out loud, reaching out her hand to pet the wolf.

The wolf gave no answer, instead just stared at her with bright golden eyes. As Eden just sat next to the wolf, laying her head on his shoulder she was shaken awake.

"Eden! Its almost eleven, the other Alphas and their packs are going to be arriving." Milan snapped, annoyed she had slept in so late.

"I'm sorry, Milan, my alarm didn't wake me up." Eden apologized, quickly getting out of bed.

"It's fine, just get ready quickly and meet us down in the kitchen." Milan said, walking out of the room.

Eden quickly showered and dressed, rushing down into the kitchen to find Ryder, Milan, Lucian and Gabriel all waiting for her.

"Way to get here just on time, kiddo." Lucian joked, noting her soaking wet hair.

"I slept through my alarm!" Eden whined, not wanting to be teased.

"They'll be here soon, please, stop it you two." Ryder snapped, his nerves showing through his voice.

"Yes, Ryder." Eden said, as Lucian nodded his agreement.

They weren't waiting long before they all heard cars arriving.

"Here we go." Gabriel muttered, so low that only Eden could hear him.

Stifling a laugh, Eden watched as the first group of wolves walked in.

"Alpha Ryder! It's so good to see you again!" The man boomed, his voice loud and hearty.

"Alpha Dustin! It's been too long, old friend." Ryder greeted, the two men embracing before turning towards her.

"Dustin, this is Eden. Eden, this is Alpha Dustin, his Luna Ada and his sons Peyton and Troy." Ryder greeted, pointing to everyone in turn.

Eden greeted them, trying to keep everyone's name in order.

"We will catch up later, until then, Eden has more people to meet." Ryder said, shaking Alpha Dustin's hand again as he and his family walked towards the guest house.

As the Harvest Moon's Alpha walked away, another family walked in.

"Alpha Dex of the Snow Moon Pack, and his Luna Calypso and his son Flynn." Ryder greeted, introducing them to Eden in return.

Eden greeted them in return and was shocked by how aggressive Flynn was.

As he gave her a hug in greeting, he whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, when you turn eighteen you'll be mine, and then you don't even have to worry that pretty little head of yours with any sort of responsibility. You're just meant to be a mother, nothing else."

As they walked away, Eden blinked away tears, trying to forget what he had said.

"Eden? Are you okay?" Gabriel asked, noticing.

"Yeah, I'm fine, lets just go back to introductions." Eden said, turning to the door.

After what felt like hours, they finally finished with all of the introductions. Turning to Ryder, Eden asked the question that had been on her mind all day.

"What if I get someone's name wrong, would they be offended? I don't want them to look down on you for my mistake."

"No, Eden, they won't be offended, now lets get some food." Ryder said, turning to close the door.

"Actually, Alpha, there's two more who want to be greeted." a warrior said, rushing in the door.

"Very well." Ryder responded, turning back towards the door.

The first one to walk through the door seemed to set Ryder on edge, he faced the tall dark haired man without any ounce of fear.

"Why are you here, Zephyr?" Ryder growled, facing the unknown man.

"You sent out your invite to every Alpha, didn't you? Why wouldn't that include me or my family?" the man replied, his voice almost too smooth.

Ryder grasped for a response, and instead the man turned to Eden.

"Nice to meet you, Eden. I'm Alpha Zephyr of the Blood Moon Pack, this is my Luna Dahlia, and my son Dante. We look forward to being at your party tomorrow, and we wish you the best." The Alpha greeted, instantly turning to leave.

As they left, Eden caught Dante's eye, and took a shocked breath. Dante winked as they left, and Eden noticed that his eyes were gold just like the wolf in her dreams.

Gabriel turned to Eden, "We have one more, don't get to caught up on him." he growled, his dislike for the family showing in his voice.

Eden nodded and turned back towards the door.

As the new man entered, Eden gasped and almost fell to the ground if it wasn't for Gabriel catching her.

"What is it, Eden?" Ryder asked, as the man behind him grinned.

"He's, he's the rouge that attacked my pack and killed my father. I remember his face." Eden stuttered, her eyes never leaving the man.

"Why are you here, rouge?" Ryder demanded, fear for Eden apparent in his voice.

"I'm no longer a rouge. The Goddess blessed with the chance to be an Alpha. I now lead the Shattered Moon Pack, a safety place for rouges who want to start over." He greeted, "I'm Alek, and my family and I heard about the great ball, so we came to visit."

Ryder growled, deep in thought. "If the Goddess has made it so, then you are welcome here for the length of the party, but nothing else."

Alek nodded his thanks, his eyes still never leaving Eden's.

"This is my son, Seth and my Luna, Amber." Alek greeted, as a dark haired boy and a red headed woman walked in.

Eden looked at the woman who had entered, and her legs failed her again.


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