The Spartan Chimera

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"Scars are the proof of a purposed life. " The Spartan Warrioress Polluxea was meant to have a twin, Castora. A sister who died in their mother's womb as New Troy fell. A sibling whose hand Polluxea held when they were cut from Protectress Artemea's lifeless body. A soul Polluxea carries within her. Two souls, two wolves, a warrior and a healer sharing one body... Polluxea is a chimera, and the Fates are unsure what to do with her in the turbulent times of the Greek City-states. When the Olympian Gods are unhappy with how their Games turned out, history repeats itself, again and again. But instead of two pieces this time around, Xea now exists as one pulled toward two destinies while the Gods of the frozen North and the Far East turn their eyes to the Southwestern Game played with the mortals of the Mediterranean isles and lands

Fantasy / Adventure
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the Spartan Creed

“Spartans don’t fight, Spartans kill.”

“Blood is water, Honor is breath.”

“Scars are the proof of a purposed life. ”

“Doubt opens the door for dishonor.”

“Hesitation is the acceptance of Death.”

“Fortune favors the bold. Fate favors the honorable.”

“Surrender only comes after the last beat of a warrior’s heart.”

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