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if you enjoy gods and miraculous adventures then this is the book for you based on an ancestor of the gods who is forced into a quest

Fantasy / Adventure
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It was an ordinary day for David. It was his birthday. Finally,it was the 24th of September 2020 - he was now fifteen. He rose out of his bed, went to the bathroom, and brushed his sleek black hair. As his brown eyes looked back at him through the mirror, he felt a chill run through his body as if something were different. Realising the time, he rushed to get dressed and grabbed his sandwiches from the fridge.He walked five doors down and took the same turn as usual to the right in the alleyway.

Suddenly, everything started to spin, greys and browns started to blur and blend together. As the spinning began to subside, the blurred colours became a bright blinding white light. David was no longer surrounded by walls and fences,instead he was now standing in a large white room with a roof held up by columns that looked chiselled. Once David had taken in everything such as the tall man with wavy medium length white hair and a short white beard, who had been glancing at him since David arrived. The mysterious man spoke,“My name is Zeus,I am one of your ancestors,we got Cronus, the god of time, to bring you here. You are a demigod,a very powerful person. Some of your ancestors are me, Poseidon, and Hades. We need your help to stop Erebus the titan of darkness and shadows.”

“So, let me get this right,” David replied, “I’m the most powerful demigod. So what year is it? And you want me to fight a titan?” Zeus answered, “yes its 1751 BC and finally yes but we did get you some help, here.”Zeus passes to David an old map,“this map will guide you to pieces of the dark armour that you will need to fight Erebus but if you don’t the world will become engulfed in darkness and your future would never exist. Now I suggest you get going as you’ve only got two weeks and remember you will need all of the armour pieces.”David questioned how he would get the armour in fourteen days and come back on foot. Zeus replied,“take my Pegasus Triton.He is a loyal, noble and reliable stead.” Triton was a majestic horse with a white mane and wings.

Souring above the clouds on Triton,David could see the earth but not the one he remembered.It looked a lot like the ancient Greek text book pictures, but David could touch everything.Everyone male or female wore white robes, the only people he could see that did not were the soldiers and the gladiators who wore golden helmets with brown leather armour that carried a silver sword with rapping around the handle. David could also see buildings that were made of wood surrounded by mud and wood walls. These buildings were nothing like the modern 2020 buildings with four stone walls with a roof.

David opened the map and asked, “where to first?” The map started to glow, eventually revealing where the first piece of armour was. He stroked Triton’s mane and said, “right Triton take me to the lake of Lerna in Argolis.”

Once reaching the Lake, after a five-day flight, David could see nothing out of the ordinary. The lake water was crystal blue and there was a white sandy beach that surrounded the lake.Then there was mountain made walls that surrounded it all off with one way in and one way out. When he thought all hope was lost, he spotted a crack in the mountain walls.It was a cave that he walked towards. Written above the entrance of the cave was some Greek writing. David yelled,“sword and shield of darkness shine in the darkest dark and shine my way..”A light brightened up the cave, so David reached in and grabbed the glowing sword and shield.As soon as he grabbed them, they quickly turned as black as night.However, they were still made of steel.

Suddenly the walls of the cave started to move and split, forming nine long walls.Then at the end of each one two huge round eyes opened. David back away from the cave as the beast started to exit the cave.It was about two buildings tall; it opened its mouths to release a wretched roar.David’s hands shook and he felt his spirit trying to leave his body as he saw the beast’s dagger like teeth which were drenched in blood. The beasts middle head raised when suddenly Zeus’s voice flashed into his mind,“the beast’s name is Hydra, its middle head can breathe fire so remember your ancestors..” He flung the blade towards the Hydra and sliced through one of its necks, it wiggled around on the floor for a bit, then the neck started to grow and before he knew it two heads replaced the fallen one.

David cowered behind his shield as Hydra spewed fire on him. He talked to himself confusingly, “my ancestors that Zeus said were him god of lightning and Poseidon... no ugh. Poseidon god of....” he still backed away repeating the words, “god of..” The Hydra still fired its flame breath in his direction until David stepped back into the lake and he yelled, “water, let’s see how you like this..”He held one hand towards the lake, and he imagined a wall of water in front of him, but nothing happened. Losing his footing in the water he fell, and he tried to imagine the wall of water again until he didn’t have to imagine it anymore.It appeared in front of him!

Scattering backwards the Hydra scattered back into its cave. David yelled, “Triton..”Whilst picking up his sword and putting it on his sheath. Once souring above the clouds again the water splashed down to form the lake again. David took out the map once again and asked, “one down, now show me where the next piece is?.”The map started to glow, revealing the next destination. Triton looked up at David as he spoke, “to the coliseum..”

Dreading his next suspected fight, David and Triton had finished their seven-day flight. they had under two days left to find the last two pieces of the armour. From above he had a bird’s eye view of the coliseum. He could see the buildings tall walls of the arena that was surrounded by thousands of seats and he could see the three-building tall walls that surrounded it all. Triton flew around the coliseum about five times whilst David tried to scout out the danger, but it was quiet, not a person or thing in sight. So, Triton landed in the arena.Then all of a sudden, a burst of fire came from the Cubiculum box. Tritan flew into the sky leaving David to fend off the beast that had wings, horns on his head and was on fire but other than that he looked like a normal human.

Angrily he yelled, “I’m Hades, your worst nightmare.Now my fiery, furious and starved hell hounds have a nice meal..” As he yelled ten dogs that were on fire surrounded David, so he whipped out his blade,“stay back,”David demanded.However, Hades had other plans.He threw a fire ball at a block of wood that held a door closed, rapidly a man with a bull’s head, with two axes in his hands and a bright chest plate smashed through the oak door. Hades laughed maniacally before vanishing into a burst of flames.

Remembering what the fiery devil like thing said, ‘Hades’ and what Zeus said ’ancestors,’ David realised he should not be afraid of the hell hounds but instead he should control them like Hades did. He put his sword in his sheath, kept his shield held up, raised one hand at the hell hounds and tried to do the same with them as he did with the water. Whilst his concentration was averted the bull like thing charged hitting David’s shield and sending him flying into the wall about five meters behind him. His shield dropped to the floor next to him.He tried again to control the hell hound. The beast raised its axes into the air as David closed his eyes expecting to die when,suddenly, the beast roared in pain. David opened his eyes to see the ten hell hounds sinking their teeth into the beast’s skin.

Waiting for them to finish, David picked up the chest plate as it turned as black as night and turned round to find the beast totally devoured. He saw the writing above the Cubiculum box.He spoke only what it read, “in the darkness give me strength..” Triton finally landed again. David got on and they soared back into the skies.Once settled David opened the map and asked, “where is the final resting place of the armour?.” Glowing, the map lit up and showed me the destination.They were just halfway into their journey when the map lit up again!The destination had changed. They had less than twelve hours to go so they headed back to Olympus.He knew Erebus would be coming...

Surprisingly,David arrived on time and it was still a day. A chilling cold swept through the large white room, the look on Zeus and Poseidon’s face told David everything he needed to know; Erebus was here! David had built up an image of Erebus in his head.He imagined a savage, uncontrollable and ginormous giant.However,in reality Erebus looked like a 3D walking shadow. He was but half the size of a fully grown human. David felt as if this was some sort of joke.As night fell rapidly Erebus laughed maniacally.Weirdly his shadowy body started to move more and more,seeping out around him.He then shot up growing, breaking through the roof of Olympus.Not surprising,his eyes looked soul piercing; his rage was masked by the shadows of darkness that surrounded him.

Miraculously the map started to glow in David’s hand Greek writing appeared saying ’in the last place you would look.’ David glanced at Zeus and Poseidon as they bellowed “we shall hold him off for as long as possible..” As David disappeared into the shadows, Zeus called upon his lightning bolt, and Poseidon manifested out of water his trident.

Striding with purpose towards Erebus, they both knew they would not last. About five seconds in charge Erebus raised one of his mighty arms and swung. He missed by miles but suddenly,the shadows to the right of them shot out, smacking them both into the wall. David was still nowhere to be seen. Zeus stumbled to his feet, grabbed Poseidon by his hand and helped him to his feet again.They charged, knowing it was suicide. Erebus laughed whilst swinging his mighty hand again and once again he knocked Zeus and Poseidon off their feet.

Emerging from the shadows in his full set of glowing golden armour was David. David looked at the situation then he faded into the darkness, rapidly flashes of light bursting in the sky. Each one lasts only seconds at a time. Every time the light bursts you hear Erebus screams echo throughout Olympus, as David hits him with bone shattering punches.However, no matter what David did, Erebus would remain standing.

Finally, David went in for his final strike, tightening his grip on his shield, he raised it up and slammed it into Erebus’ chest.Backtracking, the shadows around Erebus started shrinking in wards until he dropped to the floor on his hands and knees.David rushed towards Erebus, his armour was pitch black again, chucking his shield away.Grasping his sword, David raised his hands above his head. Raising his voice to be heard he stated, “Erebus god of darkness and shadows you will be forgotten.”

Slashing the sword downwards, he opened his eyes to realise he was back in the alleyway.

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