spirit warriors

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chapter 10: change

Wondering around unknowingly the snake warrior glanced around waiting for his enemies to show up. He picked up the pace as he saw a golden figure running near by still not making a noise until his foot was caught in a snare trap. The figure, who was Sapphire, turned and called her eagle spirit she spoke softly, “will you bring the others to me please.” Straight away once she finished the eagle spirit flew into the distance. Manically the snake warrior laughed, “I have you all where I want you!” Still swinging in the snare trap though so Sapphire wasn’t too worried, shortly after the others arrived.

Inconspicuously the snake warrior had managed to cut the wire to the snare trap with his armours hidden blade, and landed on his feet without making a noise. He plunged his blades through the air and straight into Mafrone’s shoulder before ripping it back out. Rapidly he spun round knocking everyone around him to the ground, all except Sheka who matched his hidden blades blow to blow with her daggers. Sheka and the snake warrior started to speed up, as the others got up onto their feet getting ready to join but now the two warriors where moving at the speed of light but still evenly matched. Somehow Sheka got a lucky hit slicing the snake warriors hip.

Looming in the distance the scorpion warrior had been watching with his sniper ready to fire, but it wasn’t aimed at who you would expect it was aimed at the snake warrior.

Resting on his knees the snake warrior asked to be put out of his misery. Sheka went to plunge her dagger into the snake warrior when Liam stopped her and said, “Will you join us?” He held out his hand and the snake warrior accepted his offer and took his hand. Surprisingly the snake armour started to change from black to a sandy colour as he raised from his feet. BANG, the scorpion warrior had shot a bullet that was like a starving wolf devouring the snake warrior. Liam instinctively dived at Sapphire pushing her behind a tree before making himself safe.

Dragulon appeared and he sent out a pulse when quickly he mentioned, “The shooter has gone!” Liam replied as quick as he could, “Did anyone see who it was?” Everyone else shook their head in unison. Realising that they where not safe anymore they decided to go to the sacred cave.

Stood at the top of the Dark mountain repeating what he had done with the rhino spirit, the Dark warrior absorbed the snake spirit. His armour cracked and flew off him by 15cm as its form started to change. Creating spikes and increasing in strength before taking its place on the warrior again.

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