spirit warriors

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chapter 11: capture

Sat at the round table the warriors wondered what happened. They didn’t realise that they had been followed by the scorpion warrior. The scorpion warrior waited outside with his squadron of twelve. Each soldier had an automatic gun and a pistol attached to their leg. They had no armour as they were shadow creatures like the Dark warrior, but these ones could die. Inside unaware of the soldiers outside the questions, still didn’t have answers, that where reasonable.

As the scorpion warrior called on his spirit, it opened the bridge to the sacred caves. Rushing silently to the waterfall his team got into their positions. Strolling up to the waterfall the scorpion warrior prepared to walk through but to his surprise it opened. Unfortunately, the warriors inside were like prey caught in the predators mouth unable to fight back. Bullets flew in one direction like a storm ripping through the flesh of the unsuspecting warriors legs, incapacitating them. Lowering their weapons but still ready to shoot at a moments instance the soldiers searched the remaining rooms. Whilst the scorpion warrior watched over the other warriors.

The soldiers filled in the scorpion warrior on how every other room was empty when... BANG ... One of the walls fell revealing another secret passageway and a battalion of soldiers. Another storm of bullets sought out their targets, eliminating the previous soldiers. The new soldiers wore black and red armoured suits with a white skull on the helmet. Slightly the scorpion warrior looked towards the exit but as his foot moved a soldier, with gold where the red should be, raised his hand and the others fired. Once they made sure that they were safe seven soldiers ran over to the seven warriors and stabbed something into them. Quickly two soldiers picked up each warrior as the drifted of to sleep and it didn’t matter how much they fought the sleep.

At the top of the Dark mountain the Dark warrior held out his hand and he absorbed the scorpion spirit. His armour cracked and flew off him by 20cm as its form started to change. Creating poison stingers on his wrist and increasing in strength before taking its place on the warrior again

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