spirit warriors

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Data Base

Elves--they where the smartest creatures on Trides and very inventive. As well as being the smartest they were the most advanced tribe as well. Elves where tall and thin looked more like humans their ears met at a point at the tip.

Goblins--they where not powerful on their own but when with others they where a mighty force. During the great war they where hired to the good side and the shear amount of them was too great for the opponents. They where medium sized with dagger like nails and teeth, they didn't have much flesh so you could see their bones through their flesh. Some Goblins had bones that stuck out of their flesh so they would have them sharpened to use as weapons if needed.

Orgs/orc--strong warriors they looked like the goblins but with much more flesh and everyone of them was fully armoured at all times with a dagger in holster attached. They had a war room where all blades where kept if they where ever attacked they would flood the war room to acquire weapons and then fight to the death.

Gharfons--where strong warriors as it is without the added boost of the rhino power. their legs were thin and rapid with a layer of armoured skin and their chest and back had four different lengths of armoured skin all a different colour. The head was the weakest point it was scaly and hugely looked like a bug cross lizard head.

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