spirit warriors

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chapter 2: the meeting

In the present...

The heads of all the tribes gathered in the sacred temple, the only place fighting was forbidden. Gahar, the leader of the elves, had gathered them together. Once assembled he announced to all the tribes, “we should not be scarred of the threat of the spirit warriors emerging again instead we should create a law to exile them instead!” He posed for a moment,” who’s with me?”

Quietly the tribes discussed the matter that had been brought up. Rapidly the room fell silent, “where do I sign,” a voice raised, then another, “me too.” It wasn’t long before everyone in the room agreed to sign over their allegiance from the spirit warriors by creating a planet wide law of being exiled.

Shortly after the meeting the word had already spread resulting in every tribe having an exile hunter packs being trained in secret by those in charge. These hunter packs where already in place getting rewards for making sure other tribes exiled died. However, they didn’t get training but now all the hunters in every pack had to be trained. This way no spirit warriors, the so-called protectors as they call them now, wouldn’t stand a chance in exile.

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