spirit warriors

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chapter 3: power emerging

Three weeks after the meeting is where our story begins. This is when the first spirit warrior emerged but not from a thing in a tribe from something much worse. At the top of the dark mountain lightning struck the rock like usual, except at the peak of the mountain lightning struck leaving behind a shadow figure. He raised his head to show his deep red eyes and nothing else, his body was slim and constantly moving, he was a shadow but 3D the living embodiment of darkness itself.

Miraculously moving quicker than you could blink he stood up from off his knees. All of a sudden, a dark purple hydra spirit appeared behind the dark warrior. The hydras heads rose up before coming crashing down onto the warrior once it hit the warrior the hydra turned into a purple smoke which engulfed the warrior. A fist flew through braking through the smoke as it shrunk to reveal the warrior’s purple armour.

No one knew of this new spirit warrior. However, they did know about the others who had the spirit warrior power in tribes, these warriors where immediately exiled from the tribes. The leaders knew this was a death sentence to these warriors, but the ones who were not in charge didn’t, they just thought these spirit warriors where a danger.

There was one spirit warrior who wasn’t exiled immediately though, his name was Gafron, son of Gahar leader of the elves. Gafron was the deer spirit warrior, he was held in prison for an hour before being exiled. Gahar had turned his back on his own son just to keep the peace and the law that he created and as Gafron was exiled he lost his title of prince of the elves.

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