spirit warriors

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chapter 4: survival

Gafron shocked that his farther could turn his back on him so easily, was also ecstatic that he could see the world beyond the elven walls. As he didn’t know what was lurking around in the shadows, just waiting for the right moment to kill him and others like him. Wandering around the open fields in owe the goblin exile hunters stalked their pray.

Suddenly they saw their opportunity to attack the lone elf but to everyone’s surprise three warriors in armour appeared from nowhere. The yellow warrior shot arrows that punctured the goblins’ flesh, the white warrior came charging with their sword and shield and the aqua warrior joined into the charge with their dagger. wounded badly the goblins where immobile, the warriors dragged Gafron away to the waterfall of heaven.

Majestically the water dropped from what seemed to be heaven, you couldn’t see the top and you couldn’t see the bottom. All the animal spirits appeared at once the eagle, shark, white tiger, and deer to form a bridge into the waterfall. The waterfall had a sacred cave behind it one that only a spirit warrior was granted access into. In the middle of the main cave room was a round table that grew to give a section and seat to all spirit warriors that entered the caves.

However, at the top of the dark mountain the dark warrior had been saving spirit warriors too, but he never left anyone alive. Except he had started gathering some spirit warriors himself, the dark version of the round table at the top of the mountain had seven spaces. Manically he was corrupting all warriors that followed his rule, as he started taking control of their minds and as he does their armour turn black.

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