spirit warriors

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chapter 5: dragon born

To understand this next part, you need to understand how the planet Trides was created. In the legend it talks about two dragons a hydra filled with hate and another dragon filled with light. They battled for control over the universe and in the ultimate battle the final blast of energy from each was so great they produced Trides. However, neither dragon was destroyed to create Trides instead they turned into spirits and for every generation of spirit warriors they reincarnated as a spirit warrior.

So, there was only a few tribes left who hadn’t had a spirit warrior and the dragon had not shown itself. Every tribe remaining kept their guard up as they inspected for the spirit warrior of their tribe. Most of the tribes where frightened that if they got the dragon spirit warrior how would they exile them. “Wouldn’t their power be too great to tell them to do anything?“, most leaders questioned.

Shockingly to all the dragon spirit emerged from a lad, only 16 years old, called Liam he was human the weakest of the species on Trides. The astonishing thing though is that he didn’t fight unless forced to and even then, he wouldn’t injure the opponent. This was a mysterious choice for one of the most powerful spirits.

Liam was strolling down the street like usual. When suddenly three people grabbed him from behind and dragged him into a nearby ally way. One pulled out a blade and spoke, “release him so we can fight,” the boys released Liam as the other continued,” we can claim he was a spirit warrior.” The blade plunged towards Liam slightly cutting his arm, the boy stabbed Liam three more times. Liam yelled, “enough,” as a red dragon spirit raised behind Liam a burst of energy shot off him sending all three lads to the ground. The dragon’s wings swooped round Liam as it turned to smoke and once the smoke shrunk Liam emerged in red armour.

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