spirit warriors

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chapter 6: exiled

Instantly within moments the guards of the tribe had surrounded Liam. He raised his arms in peace but was met with rage. Spears rested close to the armour with room to move as fine as a hair. Scarred of his power they hurried him to the gate the guards wanted rid of him instantly. They had just gotten to the gate before two large spirit looking wings shot out of Liams back knocking the guards of balance. Liam had no control of the wings he was as shocked as the guards so to save anyone from more pain he ran straight out into the exiled lands.

Five trackers from five different hunting packs saw the conflict making them all expect a huge pay off for this kill. They all slipped out of sight to report what they had seen. The rhino warrior appeared in pitch black armour to tell the dark warrior of what he saw. The dark warrior listened and he thought just before ordering the rhino warrior to eliminate the dragon warrior before he grew too strong. Grasping his forming spear the rhino stood and spoke, "he will not live to see the moon my lord."

Wandering around the exiled lands, Liam was angered with himself allowing himself to injure people of his tribe. Rapidly a dragon human hybrid appeared in Liams view making him fearful for his life. "You have been chosen to be the vessel for my power," the dragon spoke, "you are in great danger and I shall help you!" It then spoke one last time before vanishing, "my name is Dragulon call my name out for help."

Emerging from the tree line by knocking down a tree with one punch the rhino stood strong. His armour was black and his armour was thick and strong he had a horn on his head as sharp as a dagger. He held his hand down as his spear started to form rapidly he spun his weapon impaling an orc warrior behind him. Sharply he spun as his armour shrunk to allow him to move quicker he wiped out the rest of the orc hunting pack impaling them all. After he did his armour enlarged again as he stormed towards Liam.

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