spirit warriors

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chapter 7: resilient fight

Liam’s face dropped in amazement at how swiftly the warrior had bashed down the gracious tree and how he eliminated his opponents. Liam’s heart rate raised with in a second so Dragulon appeared to him, “is everything all right,” as he turned Dragulon carried on, “I know you don’t fight but you have to!” Liam shook his head as he activated his armour, “I will not lose my integrity!” Slowly his armour began to shift, as Dragulon nodded, forming a small shield on both of his forearms. Dragulon announced, “these shields are impenetrable they should increase your chances of survival. I won’t let you lose yourself but I had to make sure you can defend yourself.”

Dragulon flouted to the side as the rhino reached ten feet away as Liam lowered his hands. The rhino warrior picked up his pace while he raised his spear holding hand. Liam stood completely still as the spear drove through the air. Sharply the spear clashed with Liam’s shield in front of his face the rhino shocked tried to counter with a punch under the shield. However, it was met by Liams second shield. Dragulon analysed the fight graciously from the side before realising what had happened. Somehow without either Dragulon knowing Liam made it look like he was struggling but he had in fact stopped the rhino from fighting. As he couldn’t move quickly whilst in his thick armour, and he couldn’t change armour without exposing himself to an attack.

Obviously, the rhino didn’t know Liam wouldn’t attack but he wasn’t willing to take the risk. He knew he had to take Liam out or face the Dark warrior who would indefinitely take his power. The rhino realised he was at a stale mate before backing off. Preparing for what was to come, Liam waited as the rhino’s armour started to shrink. abruptly a golden yellow arrow shot through the air and it slipped through the morphing armour. Injuring the Gharfron behind the armour.

Rapidly the aqua warrior appeared behind the still morphing Gharfron spinning his daggers upwards he shredded the Gharfrons back. The rhino spirit rose as the Gharfron body dropped to the floor slowly. Liam yelled, “This didn’t have to happen, did you do that?” As he did the white warrior sneak up to Liam before knocking him out, slowly Gafron emerged to help take Liam back to the sacred cave.

Standing strong at the top of the dark mountain, the rhino spirit showed itself to the Dark warrior. Laughing manically, he held his hand out as he absorbed the rhino spirit’s power. His armour cracked and flew off him by 15cm as its form started to change. His armour increased in strength and power before taking its place on the warrior again.

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