spirit warriors

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chapter 8: The round table

Once awake, Liam reluctantly stood up cautiously, wandering from the small room into the room with the round table. Liam was astonished as the table began to create a red section. The rooms walls and roof where chiselled and it all spiralled towards the table. The other warriors were waiting stood at their section all except the yellow warrior.

The eagle warrior walked in through the waterfall whilst informing the others, “the perimeter is clear we wasn’t followed.” As her armour started to vanish Liam’s eyes became fixed on her and his heart increased rapidly so Dragulon appeared. Her golden wavy hair, diamond blue eyes and red rose lips appeared, She was a fairy. She walked over to Liam and spoke softly, “hi my name is Sapphire nice to meet you. Your spot is next to mine how about I show you?” Graciously she walked to her spot as Liam followed.

Taking his rightful place at what seemed to be the head of the round table. Liam spoke, “continue your discussion, don’t mind me.” Soon Liam learnt all their names Sapphire, Gafron, Mafrone the white tiger warrior and Sheka the shark warrior. They then moved on to the threat at hand where spirit warriors where attacking others much like how the rhino was attacking the dragon.

After the two sides debating what to do for an hour or two of if they should recruit them or kill them. All the warriors looked at Liam for the answer as the room fell silent. He wasn't sure what to do he had only listened to this one discussion and he had not been a spirit warrior for long. Sapphire nudged him to make the decision quickly. So he went with his own decision, he announced that if they would be recruited we help them if not then we eliminate them.

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